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2015 horoscopes

Aquarius Horoscope 2015

Overall Aquarius Horoscope 2015

The overall energy of 2015 is closer to your natural energy than to any other sign, this should make this year the one you would remember fondly. You have worked hard in the past few years, many of you managing to think less and do more, but this year you can revert back to your old thinking habits, if you wish to.

Many of you are not far from the sheer joy of some success, and for you it would be better to keep on doing.

Others are getting along with other people better than thay had in quite a while, and that energy of open thinking and tolerance will make life easier for many of you. Some of you will find out that many of things you have been fighting for, have become main stream, and are common belief, and you no longer need to raise awareness with all that you have, you suddenly get approval from places you could not have imagined a few years back.

You will want more free time in late 2015, and you will probably get it, where you will spend that time is up to you.

Career Horoscope Aquarius 2015

The Uranus – Pluto square coupled with Saturn’s transit in Scorpio sent many of you into hard work, a lot of responsibility, and forced you to play with the system as it is, many of you have managed to get ahead more than you thought was possible, many of you have found yourselves settled in workplaces you could not have imagined would work for you, not for a long time anyway.

This year the pressure is a bit off your backs. You can choose and pick from a variety of positions, and many of you will make the decision based on either the other people in that workplace, or the amount of interest you get in that work, the salry will come only second in your value system.

Overall this is a good year, again filled with opportunities, and at the same time with the wish to maybe start a new somewhere else. Those who wish to start off on their own, would find 2015 an excellent year to do so. Those who have secure work, will be able to enjoy it a bit more, or at least not suffer so much.

Relationships Horoscope Aquarius 2015

Many Aquarians have experienced deep emotions regarding their relationships, some have broken up from long term relationships, others have deepened their commitment learning to appreciate their spouses a bit more.

The single Aquarius will be looking for even more freedom and will find it hard to let other people too close to them. Those who are attached will get a bit more free space from their spouses in 2015, and the demand for deep emotions, and a lot of attention will decrease.

All the Aquarians will not run to add new people to their circle, but in 2015, those people will come  to the Aquarians and try to be friends with them. This is the year to allow those people you didn’t like just a few years back, into your lives enriching them and getting enriched by them.


Aquarius Astrology Direction for 2015

Again, the overall energy of 2015 is similar to your nature, making you more popular and more on demand. You will have more choices to make than you realize, and yet choosing which is the better option is always better than choosing which is less worse.

Many of you have gotten to know yourselves deeply in the past few years and are less willing to make compromises this year. It will probably work for some of you, some will drift from one idea to the next feeling that they want to try out more and more before making a new commitment.

This is the year for more freedom to be who you are.


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