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Aries New Moon Horoscope: April 18, 2015

AriesThe new moon in the 28th degree of Aries calls for a re-new beginning.  What do I mean by re-new?

Aries is the sign in which one gains experience through physical experience. It is the sign of those who are not afraid, who cannot sit still for too long, who would rather assert their individuality, even if it costs them comfort and relationships. It is the sign that prompts one into learning where one’s limits are, and how to break through those limits, again – the price doesn’t matter.

A new moon in the last degree of Aries prompts all of us, no matter the sign we were born under, to get a fresh start, but on something we are already skilled in. we all gain experience, we all have tried different vocations, relationships, even religions. We all have more skills and know-how than we realize.

Now is the time to re-start something that may have not worked for you in the past, yet you gained a lot of experience along the way before you decided to try something else. One month after the eclipse, when so much has been cleared, you are left with an open road to re-try whatever it is: that job that didn’t work out before, that business, that degree that kept eluding you. If you are still thinking about it, maybe it is time to go for it.

Yet, as you will see from the Horoscope, do not expect rewards to come your way. You are taking a fresh start just because you want to feel alive, you want to feel your mussels moving again, you want to do something because you can. If you try too hard, you will burn out quickly, if you hope too much, you will lose interest, if you try for the fun of it – you will gain a lot.

New Moon aries 2015

The New Moon Horoscope:

The horoscope of the New Moon in Aries features the Sun/Moon conjunction with no hard aspects to any other planet. The BiQuintile aspect to Saturn is a soft aspect that tells a lot about some personal talent. That talent usually does not become the person’s way of making a living, but remains a hobby, the time that a person takes to reconnect to himself.

The Novile aspect to Venus is an aspect that highlights maturity. Mature people do not expect too much from themselves or others, mature people do not talk about how they are going to win, or be more than others, mature people enjoy their talents in solitude.

The ruler of the Sun/Moon is Mars. Mars in Taurus can be very stubborn; can also be violent when he thinks his dignity is being threatened. That Mars in Harmony with Pluto can insist very well on what he believes in, can also communicate it well with the conjunction to Mercury.

The question what you will insist upon remains for you to answer.

That same Mars in a square aspect to Jupiter can easily get people out of proportions. Small insult can become a huge fight, small investment can turn into a large sum invested in the wrong place, or given to the wrong hands.

The T-Square of Neptune, Saturn and Venus keeps the relationships issues that many experience lately going on into this next month. You know that there is love between you, yet you try to over-power your spouse. This horoscope features all the usual fights over who gets to say the last word. Be wise and mature this new moon, and you can get a new connection with yourself. Do not try to convince anybody else that you are right, or to come along with you – they may want different things than you.


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