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Ask May – A question about the marriage

Horoscope Saturn transit venus
The question that was asked: I want to know about my marriage

The answer:

The question that was asked highlights the current transit of Saturn square Venus. Natal Venus is in 11° Aquarius, and Transiting Saturn is currently at 10° Scorpio, making a square aspect to Venus. Venus under such an energy impact causes strains on relationships, and Venus as the ruler of the 7th house adds to the focus on the marriage relationship, and the fact that Saturn is also in the seventh house adds to the pressure.

When transiting Saturn makes such an aspect to Venus, the relationship gets under stress. Many times the issue is a financial one, one of the partners would like to spend more and the other stops them with the reasoning that “we cannot afford it”, many times in such aspects we also see the unwelcome attention of other people, such as the wife’s parents and their advise does not help the relationship at all. We also experience a feeling of heaviness, of two separate people wanting different things, no one is willing to give up on his or her point of view.

In this case i believe that the problem also involve work. The wife either wants the husband to work less or change his job to something else that will make the family life easier, at least in her eyes. The husband in this case would like his wife to stay away from his career and let him make his own decisions.

So, the marriage is under a lot of stress right now, and it seems like there is no way to make everybody happy at the same time, or that it is only going to get worse. Even though it may feel that way, the ,marriage are Not over, a Saturn transit is just this, a transit. It takes a few weeks when you feel heavy, depressed and as if the world is demanding too much from you and you cannot deliver. However, as soon as Saturn continues and clears this degree (Last week of October), the feeling will change. Suddenly, there is a way to be happy both of you and each of you, suddenly the financial situation does not seem so harsh.

The important thing to remember is to try and not say too many words you will be sorry for later on, words that cannot be taken back. It is best at this time to Not let family members make decisions for you, but rather find a way to make the choices that are right for you.

The pressure is to let go of a few dreams, let go of the way you thought marriage should be or should look like, and wake up to what you do have. The Saturn transit just want to make sure that your life is built on solid ground and not on fantasies and wishful thinking. You will have to let your wife complain more, and allow her the freedom to say what is on her mind. When you listen carefully, you will realize that a few of her suggestions may be right for your family. Saturn is asking you to look forward towards your future. You can have a good future with your wife, you can move forward from the arguments you have right now into a better time for both of you, all you need is to be more realistic in your discussions with her, and let her say what she really wants, see if you can give her one of those things, and life will become better for both of you.


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