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Ask May – A question about what is going on

Shickera asked us to take a look at her chart.

For you my dear, there is a lot going on. you are experiencing for the past 2 years the transit of Neptune over your natal moon which makes you SUPER SENSITIVE. it is hard for you to be around other people, all you want is time for yourself, and you can not get enough of it.
At the same time you see your structures dissolve, and no matter what you do seem to take you away from reality and the life that you want (Neptune transit in opposition to Saturn).
The good news is that this transit is almost over, and in mid 2014 what you do and say will start working for you instead of against you. I hope you are cultivating compassion for yourself and for others who are not as strong as they wish to be. your strength will return slowly but surely over the next couple of months.


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