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Ask May – A question about what is happening

Draco’s question was: What happening?


The answer: Looking at your chart, the only thing that I see happening is that nothing significant is happening.

We are so used to “fate” pulling us in one direction or pushing us towards another that when we face the time when it is all our choice, when there is no one else deciding for us we feel empty and at a loss.

So, for you, in this coming year the major influence is one that allows you to do whatever you want.

You can travel, you can fall in love, you can work hard and you can do nothing. There is no penalty for whatever you choose. You can also dedicate the time to elevate your consciences, and i think you might enjoy those pursuits.


Most of the uneasy feelings that you have right now are not about you. Other people close to you are going through their own issues, and you feel for them, but on your own, you are better than OK. Please remind yourself that sometimes letting other people make their own choices, even if you know they are mistaken, is still the right thing to do since this is their way of learning and growing.


All the best




2 Responses to “Ask May – A question about what is happening”

  1. i was wondering can someone look at my birth chart please,8/18/78,7:00pm newark,nj thanks

    Posted by shickera | November 14, 2013, 1:37 pm

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