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Ask May – A question about Work

Horoscop question about job
The question:
what are chances for new job or increment in the present job

The Chart:

From the chart we see two different influences that are very strong this year. The first one is the second Saturn return and at the same time, its square to the Sun. The second one is the forth Jupiter return.

So what does this mean? Around the time of the Saturn return, there is a lot of fear and anxiety regarding all finances and all the basic structures of life. Many time people experience a very heavy feeling that is sometimes connected to reality and sometimes not. In any case whenever Saturn makes a difficult aspect in transit to the Sun, there is a need to work even harder. In many cases the fruits of this hard work are harboured only later on, after the transit is completely over.

So, for your specific question, now is NOT the time to go looking for a new job, you will be far better off in the long run by staying at your current place of work. In late November Jupiter turns retrograde, and in December the feeling that you are working hard and not getting what you deserve will be very strong. At that time I advise you to watch your health very carefully, especially your back. If you manage to hold on, carry on and keep on working, things should get better, much better around June or July 2014.

At that time, you will probably get a better position, with a bit more pay (not as much as you want, but still, better than you have now).

In any case the next 6 months are not easy for you, things that you usually do very well very fast will suddenly go slower, you will feel tired a lot and the demands from you will seem a bit too much. Please remember along the way, that this is only for 6 months and your outlook will significantly improve by the summer.

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