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2013 horoscopes

Cancer Horoscope 2013

Overall Cancer Horoscope 2013

It is difficult to predict how the energies of cancer will play out with the energies of 2013. Out of all the signs, Cancer will have so many conflicting emotions and energies running around and about in 2013 that I believe that many of the cancers will find it hard to decide whether they are indeed happy and comfortable or overloaded and overwhelmed.

A lot of the energies of 2013 will be very supportive of Cancers. In mid 2013 Jupiter will enter Cancer and bring with it many promises, opportunities, and a feel well atmosphere of hope and enthusiasm. Some Cancers will love it and flourish with it; others will feel that this is too much for them.

Those born between July 1st to July 3rd will not find this year easy, but rather quite overbearing. They will have to deal with issues of deep inner insecurities and find a way to measure up to life’s demands.

Cancers who have been entertaining bad habits of any sort will need to face the consequences. Those habits will spin out of control and cause them to lose things that they hold dear. Now is the time to put some proportion into all living habits.

2013 will not be easy on the emotional body to anyone, and Cancers more than any other sign will experience the highs and lows of emotions running wild in all directions. The one thing to note here is that there will be moments of bliss, happiness and a sense of flow, alongside the other darker emotions.

Career horoscope for Cancer 2013

In the career front many Cancers will have very good opportunities for expansion. Those who are independent will have the extra resources needed for growth and realizing their visions. Those on the caring profession, which so many Cancers tend to work in, will also find supporting energies to find new work and to do well within the work place.

It will be important to find a balance between work and family this year, since both will tend to overflow with demands.  It will be good for many Cancers to learn some managerial skills as well as developing as much organization and order in their routine in order to help them cope with everything.


Relationships horoscope Cancer 2013

In the year of 2013 many Cancers will find that their nurturing skills are in high demand from everyone around them. Cancers love to nurture, love to give out of themselves and be there for others. It will be important to learn how to give, how to support those who can benefit from the support.

It will be very easy for all Cancer to get involved in the Dramatic lives of their friends, relatives, and partners. This will tend to deplete the Cancer and live them feeling drained. All Cancer should priorities and make sure they take care of the people who are closest to them first, and the others later.

Cancer who have relationships will be able to communicate well with their partners. Those who wish to expand the family will find 2013 a good year to do so. Single Cancer can find partners, but they have to watch out and make sure those partners give them back at least half of what they receive from the Cancer.

Direction for Horoscope 2013

Overall 2013 is a mixed year for Cancer. Emotional energy will run wild, and most cancer do like this emotional ride, and know how to navigate between the highs and the lows.

As much as possible for Cancer, it is best not to hide at home, but rather go out and enjoy. Be there for the fun as well as the pain of others, share life with close ones, and new friends.

Cancer can do extremely well this year of 2013 with some planning, and wise investing of their time and resources in the right places.

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