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2015 horoscopes

Cancer Horoscope 2015

Cancer Overall Horoscope 2014:

The overall energies of 2015 will not feel safe to many Cancers. The wish for stability, or the continuation of emotional security will be challenged by others. Those who want more freedom, those who want to feel a bit different about where they came from will challenge the Cancers and make them feel as if nothing is the same as it used to be.

Many people will change the alliances this year: they will either start liking those they did not like before, or start disliking those they cared so much for just a while ago. All this serves the need for real caring relationships in your lives. Those that you have that are only obligatory will become even more heavy until you realize you can only be where you are feeling welcomed.

Those of you who are born between July 4 to July 8 will go through their major life changing phase. Many will see how old attachments simply disappear and they are left with longings for new real connections. The time for re-build is around the Fall, when the energies will be close to the Cancer feel.

2015 is the year that will make you more sincere in your feelings. If you are with other people you do not genuanly like, or they feel trapped around you, those relationships will slowly dissolve themselves. You must find a way to be mature in your emotions, and not to try and keep life as it was three years ago.

The emotional roller coaster will start subsiding in late September, and you will feel more at home in your new life, or in your old life coming a new.

Cancer Career Horoscope 2014

Many of you will start the year wishing for your old work, old positions, and what you had in the past. Yet, those are not coming back, and you all can benefit from the new experiences you are having, the new people that you meet through your work. Many of you are in the healthcare business which is still booming, those of you that are in real estate will have to get used to lower commissions, but you will have more to work on. Those of you that are taking care of the young and the old will have an easier time this year than the last one.

Many of you will stop looking for the lucrative jobs that demand all your time and settle for less work time, less pay but much more free time to be with your family, or with yourself. Somehow you realize that the race for more, the race to get ahead does not entice you anymore and all you want to do is cover your basic needs and LIVE.

Cancer Relationships Horoscope 2014

Relationships will be much on your mind in 2015. Those that are looking for a partner will allow themselves to meet new people, from a different background, and maybe find out that love is hiding when you go to places in your own town where you have never visited before.

Those of you who do have a relationship will need to start talking more, negotiating your way with your spouse regarding how you are building your life together. This year is the year when being too emotional can hurt you, because people will demand from you real answers, real commitments, while crying and feeling sorry will turn them off.

Many of you need to learn to talk more about things that are NOT emotional that make up your life. You can not decide for your partners what is best for them without talking to them about it first, you will all be surprised to find out that you may need to give less to make your partners happier.

Cancer Astrology Direction 2014

In 2015 both Lunar eclipses are in Aries – Libra with the dragon’s head pointing you towards relationships. You will need to take more responsibility on your side of the relationship, adding conversations, and adult perspective on your day to day dealings with others. Being swept by emotion to the point that you cannot talk will not be tolerated this year.

It is the year to mature yourselves, to allow the inner child to there, but at the same time to allow your inner adult some say about your life, as well as all the hard work needed to create a safe home for you and those you love.

2015 is a good year to learn how to be in grown up relationships.

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