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2013 horoscopes

Capricorn Horoscope 2013

Overall Capricorn Horoscope 2013

The year 2013 will be experienced differently by Capricorns, depending on their exact date of birth. Capricorns born between Dec. 31-Jan. 2 will have a transformational year, one in which they will dig deep down to find their roots and build a new.

All Capricorns born in the first days of the sign will feel pushed into lunching a better life, new ventures and would want more freedom, or find freedom that they are not used to.

Capricorns love opportunities, and this year will bring many of those with them, at the same time, the sense of security and order that Capricorns can thrive on, will be lacking. This year will benefit hard work, but at the same time, too much work without a clear understanding on why you are working so hard, will be depleting on the energies.

Capricorns will need to find every piece of flexibility that they have within them to make the best out of this year. Many, who follow what they believe to be the right way, will be surprised to see that many do not share their view.

Capricorns born after Jan 2, will have a year they can make choices on their own, or continue with life as it is.

Career Horoscope Capricorn 2013

Capricorns born in the first decanted of the sign will undergo major shifts and turns in their careers, feeling that what is happening is outside of their control.

Many Capricorns work for large organizations and Governments and they will be face with the realization that many old methods and procedures just don’t seem to work anymore. It is up to them to integrate new modalities into their everyday work routines.

Capricorns who work for themselves, or are in small business can make great progress in this year, as long as they are willing to try out new modalities, and new ways of working.

Overall, Capricorns are known to be the hard workers of the zodiac, and this year will favor in many respects those who are able to do more than talk. Planning will be hard since many factors will change fast, and at the same time operating fast, not waiting and moving ahead can and will work well.


Relationships Horoscope Capricorn 2013

Capricorns born in the first decant will see changes in their relationships, those born later in the sign, will see their relationships stay basically as they are.

Single Capricorns will find it too easy to stay single, and will find hard to amass the energy to make an effort and build new relationships, Attached Capricorns will be very happy to keep their relationships as they are, with no major changes.

Capricorns will attempt to keep their relationships on a realistic level but should be conscious of their partners’ wishes and desires. A bit of fun and excitement can help them feel more alive as well.


Direction for Capricorn 2013

2013 is a year in which the energies are not so directly demanding from the Capricorns, it is more that the energies are not so compatible with their nature. Capricorns thrive on stability and on the ability to plan and live that plan, in 2013, planning will be very hard, and stability will seem distant.

Many Capricorns will be called for to find solutions, to lead, and to be the responsible adult in any environment they are in. Capricorns should watch not to take too much on themselves and at the same time not to be too domineering, since they will not get the cooperation they are looking for in that way.

Overall this year can be a year in which Capricorns advance beyond what they think or realize they have.


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