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2014 horoscopes

Capricorn Horoscope 2014

Overall Capricorn Horoscope 2014

In 2014 you will feel the continuation of the 2013 energies. Many of you are finding yourselves spending more time on your own, you are sometimes swamped with many emotions that you are not used to, and you are simply not used to this slow energy with a lot of soul searching flowing around you.

Capricorns born on January 2 to January 4 will experience a major change in their lives this year. These changes that encompass all areas of life is not an easy one, but it will help guide them to be closer to their soul.

The overall energies of 2014 are in a sense compatible with the Capricorn energy, but the Capricorns themselves will not enjoy this compatibility. It is as if the world is looking for a new Capricorn, one that can manage well, see the larger picture, and at the same time will be able to think about all people involved, not just themselves and those close to them.

Many Capricorns will feel this dual energy of 2014, the ambition on the one hand, and the need to connect to everybody on the other. It will be up to each and every Capricorn to find a creative way to combine the two.

Career Horoscope Capricorn 2014

Many Capricorns are looking for more depth in their expression, and in their case, expression is always related to career. They want to know that what they are doing is the right thing for themselves as well as for the world.

In 2014 many Capricorns will go through transformations in their work places, and in their daily routine, many of those changes will not be related to the Capricorns, but rather a part of an overall re-organization of institution, large corporations, and government agencies

March to July will be an un easy time for all career related issues. Capricorns will have to adjust, settle for less, or just feel as if they are swimming against the currents. From mid July on ward, they will be able to re-start their career from a more mature and understanding point of view.

Overall this is a demanding year in all Career matters and will require Capricorns to learn how to show some more heart in their daily interactions as well as more flexibility in problem solving.

Relationships Horoscope Capricorn 2014

In 2014 relationships can deepen and become a real source of support, Capricorns in a long term relationship can find real intimacy and true depth and respect in their love relationships.

On the other hand, many Capricorns will long for the intimacy and depth, and will not be able to find those, something that will drive them to ask deep and disturbing questions about their marriage and their spouses.

Capricorns who are single will not find the strength to go out and look for new partners. Many will surprise themselves with re-visiting some old relationships and re-experiencing them in a new way.

Overall this is a year in which many Capricorns will be looking for the essence of truth or of real love in their lives, some will find it, some will make hard decisions because of the realizations that they will have.


Capricorn Astrology Direction forĀ  2014

2014 is not an easy year for Capricorns. As much as they are known for their strength and forward looking as well as doing, this year will demand that Capricorns re-examine their objectives, and their ambitions.

The world or the overall energies no longer support blind ambition, hurting other people on the way to the top costs much more these days, and Capricorns feel this pressure more than other signs. There is a real need to develop compassion, or at least some understanding for those who are not able to cope with this fast paced reality.

Many Capricorns will get a chance to see their soul, or get a glimpse of that other point of view. This will help them re-set themselves for a better future for all.


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