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2016 horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope 2016

Overall Capricorn Horoscope 2016

2016 is a year filled with the kind of energy you do not understand. You will not face directly any challenges, but rather you will feel as if you have more time to yourselves, and many of you will not know what to do with this extra breath.

The world seems to dissolve a bit for many, structures that seem strong will suddenly lose their solidity, and many of you who believe in organization and in following the rules, will realize that you do not know what those rules are any more.

Many of you will see how responsibilities and duties are slowly being taken care of by others, and you have more time to think of issues you usually do not think about. Faith will become important to you this year.

This is not a year to make any changes, but rather take the backseat for a while, and let other drive, while you are watching and realizing that you can have a nice time watching and taking part, instead of always pushing hard.

Capricorns born between January 6th to January 8th have the potential for a transformative year in 2016. It could feel as if fate is coming for a visit, and there is not much that you can do besides cooperating with those changes.

Career Horoscope Capricorn 2016

The best advice for most of you in 2016 is to NOT make any changes in your career path. This year is the one in which you can assume the role of the mentor for the young ones around you, you can also take the role of the observer, but you will find it hard to fight for promotions or better conditions.

Many of you will experience extra time stretching between one duty and the next, and you will initially not know what to do with it, but as the year progresses, you will learn to enjoy this time with yourselves.

Capricorns born between January 8th and January 15th may want to break free and start fresh in some new venture. This is indeed the right time, for those born in these specific dates, to change jobs, or even start on their own.

Relationships Horoscope Capricorn 2016

The overall energy of 2016 as experiences by Capricorns is one that supports long term relationships, and the kind of relationships that you do not need to make too much of an effort to keep.

Many of you may feel that you do not want to go out, don’t want to meet new people, and may prefer time you spend on your own, and may not want to give up on your solitude that easily.

You can spend a year being the one that supports others in their life endeavors. This is a year in which you are not as formidable, others are not afraid of you, your softer side makes an appearance, and that can help ease many of your relationships.

Many of you will want to add a measure of spirituality to your relationships, and a feeling of real connection. This will surprise some of your partners, and can actually help you in deepening your relationships.

Capricorn Astrology Direction for  2016

The overall energies of 2016 could give you a new experience of not being sure what you want. You are used to being the one that directs others, instructs and follows the known norms. Yet this year you will let others take the lead, and you will enjoy having more time for yourself.

The experience of letting others take responsibility for themselves is also a major issue of this year, you will simply not want to fight anymore, or take the role of the teacher/parent. You will let others do as they please, while you get a better view on how the norm changes, and your desires with it.

This is an excellent year to travel, to open up to other cultures, to take time off, and to engage in other activities that are considered either spiritual or philosophical. This is the year to read all those books you have always wanted to, and to let your goals wait, while you are resting and having fun.


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