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2013 horoscopes

Full Moon Aquarius / Leo , January 2013 Horoscope

The Full Moon in Leo / Aquarius will highlight and continue from the past year theme of tradition vs. new era, the individual and his or her place within the larger society, and what type of society we would like to live in.

Aquarius is a sign that can be expressed in so many ways, the rebel, the service man, the individual, the dreamer, the builder, the scientists, the organizer – and the list goes on and on. Leo is also a sign that can be expressed in many ways, the artists, the parent, the lover of life, the love of love, the gambler, the show man, the perfect hostess – and the list goes also on and on.

A full moon in Leo can bring with it the possibility of acting out a bit. We all have day dreams, we all want to be someone else now and then, and in this full moon we can allow ourselves the day or two of pretending and acting out somebody else. This can be a lot of fun as long as we remember who we are. If we like our new role, we can integrate it into who we are in the coming months.

This full moon is one of the easier ones in a long time, one in which we will want to celebrate a bit, relax and just have fun. With all the tension going on around, the feeling of not knowing what the future will bring and all the other causes for anxiety (many who read these posts are driving themselves too hard into this elusive thing called “success”, yet never allow themselves to enjoy what they have achieved).

So, in this full moon we can re-connect with friends, find the time to go out and enjoy, do something creative, and try and let the inner child within us have his or her say about what they want to do.

A few months back I mentioned that we will see more and more attention to stories on the media that are either fabricated or exaggerated, or just leave us with the feeling that we do not know what the facts are, and more important, we become more and more mistrusting of the mass media. this is now happening with many stories running around which are either a PR person’s production, or the attempt of individuals to get their 15 minutes of fame, no matter what the cost is and who is paying it. Leo is the sign of celebrities, and many of us want to get that feeling of fame. Yet, any attempt to get fame and exposure through lies and deceit will rebound, bring infamously, instead of fame. Expect more of these to come out when Jupiter turns direct on January 30th.


Full Moon horoscope:

The horoscope of the full moon favors Uranus, Aquarius ruler. For months now, both Jupiter and Uranus took part in challenging aspects, and now finally, they are both in harmonious aspects to the sun and the moon, and each other.

We all made a few decision in the past weeks on what we would like to change in our life, and what we would like to keep, yet we did not know how to take the new direction that we decided on. In the next two weeks, the road will become clearer, and we can all find a way to take the dreams and turn them into reality.

In this horoscope Venus and Mars don’t make any major aspect to any other planet. This can make it easier for all of us to be on good terms with our friends, and find an easier way of playing our part in the larger society. Our personal loves and hates can wait for a while, while we experience some fun, we re-learn how to play, how to act, how to be a child.

We can be like children who can fight one minute, and be best of friends in the next.

The Pluto – Uranus square that is with us for the past year favors Uranus this time around, and makes it easier to come up with new solutions and ideas that seemed impossible only a year ago, and now start to sound like good ideas.


Meditation points to ponder in this full moon:

Stop the meditation and go have some fun

Act out a different role for a while

Play like a child

Full moon 7° Aquarius / Leo  is on Jan 27, 04:38 GMT




Full Moon

The full moon is the time when the light of the moon enabled the ancients to have a party through the night. Now is the time to go out and have fun, party and be with friends.

Anyone with a planet or an angle on the 7° of the Fixed signs should be able to go out and enjoy some good time around the time of the full moon.



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