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New Moon & Full Moon

Full Moon Capricorn / Cancer , December 2012 Horoscope

The full Moon in Cancer / Capricorn theme is old vs. new. The last full moon 2012 and the first one in the new energy will bring reflections on what do we keep from our old traditions, and what we would like to discard.

This is the Holiday time in so many parts of the world, bringing an emphasis on family. Many meet with their families at this time of celebrations, and many wish they could celebrate, but find themselves unable to. Cancer and Capricorn are the signs in the zodiac which bring with them the energy of family, of heritage, and of tradition.

This full moon will bring with it many questions of family, extended family, and our personal ambition. Cancer is our roots, our emotional heritage, and personal comfort zone, while Capricorn is our ambition, where we would like to go to. Those two can work together, they can also seem to hinder one another.

So many people are torn between their work and their family these days, so many people feel that they would like to achieve more, but unable to because of their family connections.

In the time of the full moon we will all feel both sides: the nurturing of family, and the suffocation of family. The wishes to achieve more (new-year resolutions any one?), and with them those lingering fears, of what those ambitions will demand of us.

Full Moon horoscope:

Full moon 7° Capricorn / Cancer  is on Nov 28, 10:21 GMT

full moon cancer

The horoscope of the full moon is so interesting featuring almost all of the major aspects formations astrologers use: we have the T cross, the grand trine, the kite, and even the yod.

All these formations lead us into action. After all the stressful aspects we have been experiencing with the  explosions of the eclipses and the overall intensity of the past few months, all those were felt intensely but were hard to translate into action. Now is the time to do something about all the realizations of the past months. The option of sitting on the fence and see where the wind blows is no longer an option.

The Pluto – Uranus square that is with us for the past year, comes yet again into full sight with the Sun/Moon opposition forming a T square with Uranus at the apex. We have seen old regimes being replaced, just to find out that the new regimes are so similar to the old ones. We see it on a global scale; many see it in their private lives as well.

The kite and the small square, and the understanding that world is NOT coming to an end, do bring with them hope and some concrete ideas about how to facilitate the changes that need to take place. 2013 will start with many many plans for a better future.

The atmosphere of crisis still lingers will linger for a while longer. The traditionalists in each country and in our own personal selves claim that holding to traditions even tighter is the way to go, while the reformists sides call for a major change.

The best way to deal with those opposing forces within oneself is to let them both have their say. Some of our traditions and age old ways of being have served us well and will continue to do so, some are binding us within fear and other shackles that make it impossible to realize our ambitions.

Another point that will come to the forefront with this full moon is bureaucracy. We have formed institutions to help us all as a society to grow and care for all of us. Yet, many of those have lost sight of that. We find ourselves fighting against those agencies that are supposed to help us, just to get what is rightfully our own.

For those who are on an inner path of self realization, this will be a good time to look at all your ways of supporting yourself emotionally and seeing if that support is actually helping you. Real examples are: When you feel down and you turn to comfort food, does it help you? When you’re down and you go meditate does that help you? When you’re down and you ask for support from your family, do you really get it?

This is a good time to establish new modes of personal support, those that do make us feel better, and able to cope with the world while realizing our ambitions.







Meditation points to ponder in this full moon:

Comfort vs. Ambition

Family ties that support vs. family ties that bind

Traditions that we would like to take with us into the new year








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