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Full Moon Aries / Libra , March 2013 Horoscope

The full moon of Aries / Libra will highlight the SUN, rather than the moon. It is time to leave our safety net behind us, and break out into the light of the sun.

This full moon will help many who are not shy, willing to jump ahead and lead themselves, do not see any reason to hide, and prefer the experience over the results it is supposed to yield.

A full Moon in Libra is usually associated with romance, with finding true love, since Libra is the sign of marriage and partnership. However, this full moon can be great for those who have a relationship and want to spice it up a bit, those who are looking for love are better off waiting for a time when the energies support a coming together more than the separate I.

With Venus (Libra ruler) so close to the Sun, we will not see much of its temperate influence. I know many who wait for this full moon to heal their relationship issues and clearing a way for love to enter their lives. This time, it is better to heal the relationship towards yourself first.

We all tend to abuse ourselves far more than we realize, we all look for love from others since we cannot find love within or ownLibra full moon being. This full moon can be a good time to form a new relationship with yourself, don’t look for others to love you if you cannot love and appreciate yourself.

Some days it seems as if this world is going crazy, this day will be one of those. In some respects this influence is wonderful as in the case of the women in India who refuse to let men abuse them on a daily basis. However, the men who are afraid to loose their power, attack even more than ever before.

This full moon will bring with it even more issues of Men who try and hold on to the old ways of overpowering women, and at the same time the women are not willing to be the victims anymore.

There is a need on a worldwide scale for more respect towards women, but each and every woman will need to stand up for herself to make this transition into an age of equality.

We will witness more and more women round the world standing up for themselves, each women who refuses to be abused any more can and will contribute much to the whole.

Full Moon horoscope:

The horoscope of the full moon is an interesting one. The Sun is conjunct Venus, and Uranus, with Mars there as well, all these are pushing towards self expression, heavy emphasis on the I. the moon in Libra is the moderating influence reminding us that I is dependent on US, and Pluto closing a T square formation is an explosive force.

This dynamic energy can manifest in many different ways for individuals. Some will feel the need to fight their way out of oppression, some will be surprised to find themselves angry at themselves, at the Government, at their spouses, whomever. Pluto square Mars is a violent configuration, so be careful around the full moon.

There will be a tendency to say things in the heat of argument, to try and break out of old habits and old karma. This can be great if you can break free without causing new karma that will keep those cycles of anger going on even more.

We have discussed the yod formation from Jupiter to Pluto and Saturn over the past months, and now it is almost over. This configuration brought tremendous insights to many, yet no one really acted out in new ways. This is now changing, and we can start using those insights in developing a new sense of self, one that can expand, one that does have hope for the future (Jupiter in harmonious aspects to the Sun and Moon).

Those who have been on a spiritual quest for a while, the planets in Aries can catapult you to a new sphere of understanding and being, as with any dynamic force it can be used for the very best and the very worst.

Stay true to yourself, allow the realization of a new self to come forth and have a wonderful spring.


Meditation points to ponder in this full moon:

For Women – why do you keep on waiting for the price on a whit horse to save you?

For Men – try and see when do you feel stronger, is it near a strong woman is around, or near a woman who is oppressed and afraid?

The new self is here. Now. Rejoice.

Full moon 6° Aries / Libra  is on Mar 27, 09:27 GMT

full moon libra aries




Full Moon

The full moon is the time when the light of the Sun is reflected by the moon, highlighting emotions, and helping us all unite with Sun via the Moon.  Anyone with a planet or an angle on the 6 – 8° of Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer – will have an experience in this full moon.


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