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2015 horoscopes

Full Moon Sagittarius – Gemini June 2015

Gemini The Full Moon of Sagittarius Gemini highlights the issues of what do we really know and is this knowledge worth anything in our daily lives?

Gemini is all about the tid-bits of information we all need to have just to get around. We all know how to operate a computer, we know how to get from one point to the next, we received an education that tells us about our society, and what is expected of us, what is not.

The Gemini energy is all about gathering and distributing information. This post that you are reading is based on my assimilation of the Gemini energy, and me making use of it in distributing what I know.

The Sagittarius energy tries to makes sense of all the information gathered, it tries to look in different directions and is looking for a wider perspective for all those details gathered in Gemini.

Gemini without Sagittarius is a collection of main-stream, mass-media ideas and beliefs, Sagittarius without Gemini may have a beautiful view – but is unable to share it with anyone.

We all know too much, and are being bombarded with more and more info, yet few of us bather to take the time and put a perspective on all these words. It is as if our minds are like a computer’s hard drive that have reached beyond its storage capacity.

This full moon will be a wonderful time to let go of what we pride ourselves of knowing, allow some forgetfulness, and let a lot of what we were taught in school and assimilated from mass-media to leave us, and clear our minds.

The Full Moon coincides with the beginning of a new Mercury cycle. It is time to allow yourself to let go of a lot of unnecessary trivia details that only slows your mind down, and allow a new perspective that concentrates on what is important to you (personally).


The Full Moon Horoscope:

Full Moon Sagittarius

Neither Sagittarius, nor Gemini are violent, yet with this full moon, Mars is still around, and around the world the religion wars are still being fought. This Full Moon only makes the religious fight even more clear and no side is willing to let go of their point of view.

The Sun and the Moon in a T-square with Neptune serve to make the idealists (of any kind, any religion, and any belief) even more idealists, and willing to fight for their religion.  No one is willing to listen, everybody is more than willing to preach.

At the same time Jupiter, Sagittarius ruler is in harmonious aspects to both the Sun and the Moon. Jupiter tends to take things out of proportion very fast. In this full moon you will be carried away, you will see a larger perspective, the question is of what, and that is up to you. Don’t try to stop the energy, don’t try to make yourself small, allow the tide to carry you into a new field of awareness.

For those of you who are practical, this is a good chart for new business ventures.



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