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New Moon & Full Moon

Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) Sagittarius / Gemini, November 2012 Horoscope

The full Moon (Lunar eclipse) of Gemini – Sagittarius will center on the issues of clutter, or the too much information, misinformation, and half truths that govern our personal and global lives.

The ability to publish one’s own views, the easiness of saying anything you want without collaborating it, the ability to edit pictures to represent any point of view deemed right, and the nonstop chattering of phones ringing, TV broadcasts and all the other noises that are so much a part of our lives. The moon in Gemini loves this noise, loves to be dealing with few things at a time, and the feeling of being connected to what is going on around.

The new moon (Solar eclipse) two weeks ago was indeed explosive. I have heard so many stories of lives taking new directions around this time, and it’s not over yet. In this full moon we will all have a chance to see where we base our beliefs (Sagittarius) on misinformation, half truths and fantasies.

Many of us use the Sagittarius energy of broadening our minds and connecting to what is beyond us in a dogmatic way. Just look at how many fanatics are around you personally. Think about all the people (it could also be You) who preach their belief. This could be long explanations on vegetarianism, on atheism, on any religion dogma which needs to be followed, any yoga practice. Just look at how many people are sharing their views on how you should eat how to exercise and what to wear, not to mention the big issues of how to conduct your marriage life and raise your children.

With so much noise, so much preaching, too much criticism and people who believe that their way is the Only way, and that you should live your life just as they do, Some find themselves worn out, not knowing how to relate to others, and wishing for a clear way. Others thrive on the ability to relate to many others all the time: twitting, e-mailing and sharing their stories all day long with all they know.

This lunar eclipse will highlight those forces of our modern society for good and for bad.

Full moon 6° Sagittarius / Gemini  is on Nov 28, 14:45 GMT

Gemini Sagittarius lunar eclipse


The Yod formation,

In this lunar eclipse, the moon is at the apex of a Yod formation, Mars Pluto conjunction on one side, Venus Saturn conjunction on the other and the moon in conjunction to Jupiter has all this energy directed to it.

With Yod configurations we feel an urge to act, to fix an old issue, but for some reason we miss the correct timing to do just that, or we act, and then we regret our action and try to amend it.

In this full moon with all the heavy ones involved (Saturn and Pluto), we will ALL experience an old karmic issue in which we have said something wrong, or we have cut off a relationship because of religious beliefs. We want to make amends and do the right thing (Venus Saturn), yet we are still angry (Mars Pluto), and we are VERY impatient to get rid of this issue (moon in Gemini).

More on the horoscope

Mercury, Gemini ruler is in Scorpio, making it easy to see the energy manipulations, and to manipulate others. Mercury as the energy of commerce will be the center of attention with the current economy crisis, the need for many merchants to sell, and the buyers who become more conscious and careful.

Jupiter is now retrograding in Gemini, making all these forces exaggerated and inflated. Too much time on facebook, too many e-mails that serve only to waste your time, news reports that don’t tell you anything of real importance. Some of us enjoy this, many of us are realizing that we are wasting time and energy on stories that are not our own.

What to do?

gemini and sagittariusAnyone with any planet or angle around the 6° of the mutable signs will feel this energy – with karmic relationships, and age old attachments to beliefs coming to the conciseness to be looked at in a different way, maybe even transmuted.

The promise of this lunar eclipse is Freedom, an energy that becomes stronger each day. In this case it is freedom from our own personal past, from society’s norms, and the freedom to think your own thoughts, follow your own faith, and be with the people you like and are not linked to by karmic ties.

Best of luck



Meditation points to ponder in this full moon:

Allow yourself to doubt your beliefs.

Look for the other side of each story you hear and read.

Pay attention to what you preach to others, and do they really need to hear this.


Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipse is like a Turbo full moon. Anything that happens around an eclipse has some extra energy to it, and the feeling of “fate” attached to it. Any new piece of information you receive around an eclipse is very important, and will change your life whether you like it or not, so will any other realization you may have around that time. The changes are far quicker than any other astrological transit brings.

Anyone with a planet or an angle on the 6° of the mutable signs will receive a new piece of information around the time of the eclipse.




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