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2015 horoscopes

Full Moon Scorpio – Taurus May 2015

wesak festival 2015In esoteric astrology and belief, this full moon, the Wesak Festival, is the time when the guardians of humanity increase their transmission of love, benevolence and understanding. This energy clears a bit of the very personal shields and masks. When this happens, we face ourselves as we really are and not who we would like to be, and this creates a lot of tension within ourselves.

According to Buddhist tradition, the Buddha reached enlightenment during the Full Moon in Scorpio. This time of the year offers release and ascension, it can also offer the exact opposite: grasping even tighter the material world and personal relationships.

This Full Moon as all Weask Festival moons are is all about relationships. Last month’s eclipse was all about relationships, and I have met many couples who increased their struggle since then. This full moon will make those fights even bitterer: the words hurt more, the feeling of despair and hopelessness accompanies the retaliations, and the love that once was is nowhere to be found.

Yet energy is just energy, and our response is what counts. I have also met couples who have deepened their commitment, their support to one another, and their love.

Tolstoy wrote in the opening of Anna Karenina: “All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

This will be the theme of this Full Moon: the couples who are there for each other will just continue as usual, those who’s relationships resemble a battlefield will open fire and use unconventional weapons.

The Full Moon Horoscope:

(May 4th 2015, 04:42 am GMT)

Full Moon Scorpio 2015

The Sun and the Moon opposition is squaring Jupiter, and that type of energy will bring with it the feeling of broken promises. In the beginning of every relationship there are so many promises: the promise to go together to Paris, the promise to support one another in achieving dreams, the promise to be different, the promise to stay faithful, so many promises, and as the years go by, many have not traveled to Paris, many more have not stayed faithful, many have stopped talking and their only communication is fighting.

And what is the excuse for those broken promises? It is always a financial excuse. I meet many who spend a lot of money, but not on what is realy important to them. I meet many who believe that buying something is a substitute to being with someone, or listening to them. Almost everybody have been in a fight over money in their relationships, and you all know that its not really about the money, it is always about something else, something deeper and painful.

The moon is Scorpio emphasizes the issues of sex, money and death. Those issues can cause the ending of relationships; they are also those that bring couples into greater intimacy.

The Sun and the Moon are in harmonious aspects to Pluto (ruler of Scorpio), and those aspects strengthen the feeling of “no turning back”. Many will decide to stay together and go through the necessary changes. Many will know that their relationship is indeed over and done. Pluto will also tell you about your private karma in your relationship.

The horoscope also features another T-square: Mercury opposite Saturn, both Square Neptune. This aspect make communication very difficult: you mean to say something, and find yourself mixing up the words, you try and talk calmly and hear your voice getting angry, you try to explain something, and people tell you that you are babbling.

My advice for Sunday till Tuesday: Don’t try to explain yourself, don’t share personal emotions and feelings – you will be misunderstood.

In the Full Moon horoscope both Mars and Venus are singletons: they form no aspect to any other planet. This leaves the Sun and the Moon as the main players, and everything that happens is deeply and intimately personal. You will not want to reveal to others what goes on in your life, you will feel too exposed as it is.

In this Wesak Festival you will be able to release yourself from promises you gave a long time ago, and now turned into chains that hold you down. You can release old attachments, hurts and resentments – or you can create new ones – the choice is yours.

These are not good days to fight over money, it will cost you far more than the amount you are debating. It is also best to avoid an expensive purchase (you will most likely regret it later. On the other hand, those are excellent days to reach agreements that will take you out of debt.







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