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New Moon & Full Moon

Full Moon Scorpio – Taurus, November 2013 Horoscope

perseusThis coming Full Moon in Taurus / Scorpio is always a heavy one, always touching a nerve, and this time, the energy of this edginess in multiplied by the conjunction of the moon to Caput Algol. This fixed star signifies those parts of the human nature we try to avoid, those parts that are without compassion.

In every city around the earth there are those neighborhoods where the painful parts of human nature live. These are the addicts, the insane, those who sell their bodies (and how often all 3 come together in the same person). Those people who are no strangers to the ugly parts of human nature.

As a fixed star, we find him in many of the charts of truly gifted and genius people who at the same time led a life of addiction, of mental breakdowns and hard relationships with those around them. On the one hand Algol can show the most beautiful of human creations and on the other a monstrous behavior.

herculesThe Sun is placed on the constellation of Hercules, bringing to mind the theme for this full moon. Hercules was driven mad (or drunk, or both) and slew his own six sons. When we succumb to a bad habit, we hurt those we love most.

Whenever Scorpio and Taurus meet we feel our desires. Those could be for material comfort (Taurus), those could be for more power (Scorpio), either way, they tend to bring out all those forces that during the evolution of consciences one must learn to control and overcome.

This full Moon comes on a backdrop of the slowly emerging realization that mental illnesses are leading to mass killings, and society must find a better way to deal with those devils that reside in the minds of young people who feel dissociated from others, who yearn for power and express it in the worst possible way.

Society will have to face the rage of the younger generation who are very smart, very talented, very sensitive, but have no positive outlet for all their talents, therefore they elect to destroy.

Both Taurus and Scorpio have the ability to build long lasting structures of nourishment and support, as well as bring comfort and intimacy, at the same token they can both destruct when they feel threatened, when their love is denied, when they feel removed from the goods of this earth.

On a very personal level, each and everyone who is reading this has to face their habits, especially those that cause us to hurt or abuse those we love most, those that are near and dear.



Full Moon horoscope:

full moon taurus nov 2013

The full moon horoscope offers suggestions on how to deal with all these addictions. The Sun is in trine with Jupiter in retro, meaning that some moderation is the right way to go by.

Mars, the Sun’s ruler in Virgo, casts a trine to the moon suggesting an action in the right direction can go a long way. Any act of caring, any act of unselfish deed can and will do a lot of good in the long run.

The Sun is moving away from Saturn, and mercury direct in Scorpio offer their illumination, gained in the past few months that real power is the power of self control. Nothing matched this ability.

This full moon is a demanding one, the energies are deep and strong, and ask each of us how we are going to tame the inner beast, how can we see clearly what our habits do to us, to those closest to us, and with that clarity make a firm decision not to succumb to those anymore.

Mercury conjunct the north node makes new attitudes possible, it enables us to think differently on our morals, on the fact the in the end, those moral and standards are very personal, and each of us has to draw a clear line as to what is OK and what is not, and if it not OK, than not to do it under any circumstances.


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