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New Moon & Full Moon

Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) Taurus / Scorpio, April 2013 Horoscope

This lunar eclipse is partial, it is relatively short in its duration, and yet – very powerful. The full moon in Scorpio, also known as the Wesak Festival, is the most important full moon of the year. This is the time when the guardians of humanity transmit their energy to the planet, helping all those who wish to be free from matter to do just that. Those who are still attached to matter get even more attached.

Those of you who are on a spiritual path, this full moon is the time to get in touch with the next step on your path. In some respects this full moon will highlight for everybody the core beliefs we have regarding resources, talents, money and sex.

When Scorpio and Taurus meet we get a sense of the extreme, we might feel a bit obsessed, our deepest longing and wishes bubble up, and you will be surprised but most people, and I mean most people wish for good, for peace, and for better living conditions for themselves and for all.

The eclipse can change attitudes and it probably will. You will not see it immediately, but next year you will hear on more and more people who decided to stop the race for more material things such as a bigger house, a better car, the newest gadget, and any other expensive status symbols. There will be many who choose to work less, earn less and put an emphasis on their relationships, on their spiritual path and on their quality of life rather than the things in their life.

This full moon is a partial lunar eclipse to be followed by a solar eclipse and another partial lunar eclipse, and all of them highlighting the issues of belief. In many spiritual circles, money seems as something that is bad or evil and many who choose to practice their beliefs, give up their possessions and dedicate themselves completely to their spiritual practice, sustaining themselves on charity. This is about to change. As more and more people want to incorporate spirituality into their everyday lives, the option of leaving the material world and its demands will be less available. The new era calls for people with values to take charge, they are asked now to not only stay in the everyday world, but also to start taking responsibility and manage it bringing with them spiritual values into the money markets.

scorpio full moonIn short, the coming eclipses will force you all to stop running away from your money issues, you will have to face them with your heart open, and know full well that money is not evil by itself, it is what people do when they chase it that is evil.

On a very personal note, this full moon will bring with it reflections on sexual relationships that have not resolved before. You will be able to see into your own game of taking and giving, seeing clearly how you can be different, how you can stop the pain and the suffering with an open heart and a sense of your own core coming with you into your future relationships.

The discussion on values, how much things are worth will continue. You will hear people talking more in terms of this car costs me a year of work instead of this car costs me xx dollars. You will shift how you measure the cost of anything, more in what you give it in terms of energy and less in how much it actually costs.

Meditation points to ponder in this full moon:

HEAL your sex chakra

Ole debts  – why are they still around?

Listen with your open heart – humanity’s guardians are transmitting.

Full moon 5° Scorpio / Taurus  is on Apr 25, 20:07 GMT

full moon scorpio taurus 2013

Full Moon horoscope:

The horoscope of the full moon is overall a positive one. We have the Sun / Moon opposition when the moon is conjunct Saturn which can cause a heavy feeling of duty, a sense of guilt and a wave of all of our financial and relationship issues that we have put aside for a while demanding our attention. On the other side the Sun between Mars and Venus might cause many of us to spend even more because we will want to surround ourselves with beautiful things, and we will all want to be around objects that make us feel safe, that can reflect our worth to us. With Neptune supporting this triangle we will see those who prefer to shop to make themselves feel satisfied, safe and with a sense of value – will go on a shopping spree. Those who are more aliened to spiritual values CAN find a sense of worth and safety in relationships, in themselves and in their ability to give to others.

lunar eclipseSaturn is back in full force after a while, demanding that we keep old promises, resolve some of our karma, and for some – bringing the fruits of good karma as well. Jupiter is on the sideline, so we will feel a lack in a sense of optimism, and it will be hard to open our minds to new insights. This figure will go directly to the sex chakra. The sex chakra can bring joy, meaningful relationships, and creativity if you are able to give of true self, it can cause pain, ruin and everything that is NOT joy if you are only trying to grab for yourself.


Lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse happens 2 or 3 times a year, and mark moments of intense feeling. An eclipse on the Scorpio / Taurus axis will bring with it some old karma to resolve. This can be good karma ripening, or the opposite.


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