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2015 horoscopes

Leo Horoscope 2015

Leo Overall Horoscope 2015:

2015 meets you with high hopes, enthusiasm, and opportunities knocking by, this will continue until August. Jupiter transit in your sign lifts the spirit for many of you, feeling you with love of life, ideas about traveling, and getting a better life. Those of you who are indeed looking to immigrate or move to another place, the best time to do it would be around the Spring of 2015.

Towards the end of the Summer you will find yourself more practical, less optimistic, and working much harder. Overall this is indeed a good year for many Leos. Many of you are willing to make those extra efforts, and are paid handsomely in return.

In 2015 the energies will be of the kind that support the creativity of the Leo, the ability to make something out of nothing, and your ability to just play. The overall energy will not support those Leos who only want to have more attention and popularity.

Many Leos will take the opportunity and travel this year, learn new things, and push themselves towards more knowledge and better disposition towards themselves and the world around them.

Leo Career Horoscope 2015

Many Leos will join in on a world trend that would start in 2015 that calls for more free time even if that means a lower income. Leos are known for their dedication to their chosen field, and that dedication will stay, however, you will not be willing to sacrifice all your personal lives for a little better income.

Young Leos will get a year in which they will get promoted, feel as if they are getting ahead, and even try out a managerial position for the first time, the more mature Leos will be looking for fulfillment, and will seek out the types of positions that make them feel good about themselves.

There are many opportunities, many of them will offer Leos work in different fields to what they are used to, many Leos will enjoy trying out new positions.

Overall 2015 will continue to bring with it opportunities to the Leos, only now they are seeking different kinds of opportunities.

Leo Relationships Horoscope 2015

The year 2015 will require many Leos to think more about their relationships. They would want a real relationship with someone who is also their friend and not only their spouse. There is not much challenge to the relationships to those who have them, only the internal desire to make them better. Many Leos will profit better relationships by spending more time with their partners, traveling together and enjoying life together.

Single Leos who would like to meet someone new should travel away because they might meet someone away who is foreign. Another place to find a mate will be through attending classes of every kind.

Overall this should be a year in which relationships are getting more fun, with more play in them, and not just duty. This is how Leos feel relationships should be and they might meet someone who thinks the same. The only thing that can harm them is when the Leos insist on being the one who makes the final decision. Remember that your partner wants to have a say too.

Leo Astrology Direction 2014

2015 will be a year in which many Leos will agree to try new things not because they have to, but because they want to. Many will make a sincere attempt to make their relationship better, to give support and get it in return.

The overall energy of 2015 is one the emphasizes real presence rather than shallow popularity, therefore many Leos who have craved that attention will suddenly realize that it is not so important to them anymore, and what they want now is to feel their real value, the one that does not depend on whether other people like you or not.

Come September, Leos will not be so much in the limelight, so whatever you want to get, make sure you go ahead and take necessary steps soon.

Same as last year, this is a good year for traveling, for learning, , for meeting different people from different cultures, and a lot of having more free time to have fun.

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  1. Hi kindly furnish me a detailed Sagittarius Horoscope for year 2015.I shall be highly thanful to you. Regards Mahesh Bindra

    Posted by Mahesh Bindra | October 25, 2014, 12:12 pm

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