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2013 horoscopes

Libra Horoscope 2013

Overall Libra Horoscope 2013

Many Libras will find 2013 a breath of fresh air after the previous two years. The year will have a lot of the energies that Libras like in general, a lot of socializing, many opportunities to say what they think, communicate on all levels, and if they wish to hesitate, they can do so as well.

Libras born between Sep 27 – Oct. 5 will go through some change, or need to make a new start in life. In many cases the trigger for the change will be someone close to them, spouses, family member or someone else who will start something new and the Libra will join in.

Other Libras will enjoy a year that will not challenge them as the previous two years, but rather will bring in the fruits of the growing up phase that was just undergone.

Libras will be able to voice their attentions and opinions, and will find that their skills in listening, in finding a common ground, as well as their sense of social laws, the right thing to do, say and behave are very much welcomed this year.

Career Horoscope Libra 2013

In this year, many Libras will reap the fruits of hard labor they have put in in the last two years. There will be a sense of an easier flow of ideas, exchanges and some smoothness in the daily routine.

For those Libras looking for a change, it is a good time to benefit from what they already know and have done, and any complete change in the career direction, will not benefit them as well as staying with what they already have. They can change a job, but it best not to change a profession.

Overall Libras will be in demand this year with their ability to navigate social encounters, and their ability to understand both sides, and therefore find solutions and ideas to bridge differences. Libras in the arts will also enjoy a good year, especially for the new forms of art.

Relationships Horoscope Libra 2013

Libras have had some tough times on the relationship level as well. Many of them felt the inequality in their relationship, claiming that they are giving far more than they are receiving. Last year was a year in which I have heard a few Libras say the most un-Libra like sentence – I’d rather be alone.

That is about to change. Libras will have an easier time communicating with their spouses and friends, and they have learned how to take care of themselves, so the year 2013 should be one in which relationships are a source of good times, friendships and support.

Single Libras born in the first days of Libra will have an opportunity to launch a romance, with someone different than what they expect.

All Libras will want to add some fire into their relationships, putting more fun in, and taking out the some of the weight that is on them. They can do that this year with a lot of charm, negotiations (which they love), and it will do them good to share beauty with their loved ones. Making a point to make room and invest time in finding and observing beautiful things, such as scenery, or art.

Direction for Libra in 2013

2013 will be a year in which many Libras will be able to live out at least one of their dreams from the past few years. They have sobered up, and their expectations are closer to reality, and therefore easier to get.

Many Libras will finally be able to take a few steps without waiting for someone else to decide for them, or to initiate the changes, or simply waiting for the right time which never seems to come.

Libras will react in different ways to the energies of 2013. Some will loe it, especially those who are in the communications field. Those in the law, will see challenges, but will also see some creativity flowing into their lives, those who are in the arts should adapt new techniques both for their art, and for their promotion.


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