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2014 horoscopes

Libra Horoscope 2014

Libra Overall Horoscope 2014:

The year 2014 has many surprises for Libras, many of them are from the unexpected kind. You will all feel as if you are stretched out of your comfort zone, this could be because something happens to someone you share your life with, or just because life takes you in a new direction.

Libras born between Oct 4 – Oct. 8 will fell those changes sweeping through their lives in a big way. This year will be a wonderful year to dare. Dare to do what you always wanted but had many excuses why you can’t. those born around Oct 19 will also see their lives turn upside down.

For all Libras 2014 will be a year that will make you feel alive. This is not the year to play nice, this is not the year to try and be safe, this is a good year to show to yourself how you can be more than you think is possible.

Libra Career Horoscope 2014

Many of you will see major career changes this year. Some of you will even choose to take a completely new path, for example, a lawyer that becomes a school teacher, and artist that goes to work for a major corporation and any other option that you can think of.

There will be many opportunities coming your way, as well as some frustrations. Life will take you to new and better places for you. Many of you usually wait for the right time, or for other people to join you, but this year you will have to understand that the time is now, and that you cannot wait for anybody else.

Overall finding a new path should be easy, but every beginning takes a lot of energy from you, so you should support yourself through the career moves, and see how you come out a slightly different person, one that is stronger.

Libra Relationships Horoscope 2014

Relationships will be the area where you will also feel changes. I have many Libra clients who hold on to marriage that should have ended a while ago, and I believe that in 2014, they will finally move ahead. On the other side, many Single Libras will find themselves in a relationship after many years of being on their own.

Those who have a good relationship will have the opportunity to take it to the next level, either get married, or even expand the family. No matter where you are in the beginning of the year, by the end of 2014, your status will probably change.

It will seem as if your relationships are guided by life circumstances more than by your own design. This is a good year to again, allow yourself to experience something a bit different than your usual self.

Again, Single Libra – this is a good year to find your soul mate.

Libra Astrology Direction 2014

2014 is a year with many surprises. The energies are NOT compatible with the usually Libra energies. Debating and postponing will not work this year, and you will have to make choices very fast, and many of you will enjoy the fruits of those choices.

This year try to plan very little, yet be open to whatever comes and able to respond with your heart and your passion. Any Libra who will step out and try something new will benefit from it.

All Libras will find that they are spending more time with different kind of people that they are used to, their social interactions going through a change that can be very liberating.


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