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2015 horoscopes

Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse April 2015

 Eclipse in AriesFull Moon – Lunar eclipse Libra / Aries,  April 2015 Horoscope

Lunar Eclipses usually signify endings. But not this one. This Lunar Eclipse is all about forming new relationships, new beginning, and new hope.

The Sun in Aries, The moon in Libra – the signs that symbolize relationships more than any other elements in the Zodiac.

The Horoscope of the Eclipse Features the Sun near the fixed star Alpheratz which according to Robson: “ It gives independence, freedom, love, riches, honor and a keen intellect.” . These traits are magnified by the Sun’s conjunction to Uranus, and Mercury’s conjunction to the south node.

Lunar eclipse April 2015

The Horoscope gets even better, considering Jupiter in harmonious aspects to the Sun and the Moon.

It is as if many many people are just tired of being depressed all the time, and are tired of suffering because of what they consider to be their failed relationships, people are fed up with doom and gloom, and want hope.

With such a horoscope for the Lunar Eclipse, it is the relationship with oneself that is more important than the relationships with others. I have many clients who keep on waiting for the “right guy” or the “perfect relationships”, and this type of energy that sweeps us all will cause many to realize that they do not want to wait any more.

So many others are locked in a conflict with others, waiting for others to change, and that has to stop as well. You are probably not going to change, and neither will the other person. So, what is the point of waiting for something that is not going to happen?

Most of you are waiting for other people to join you, agree with you, love you, support you, and at the same time you are the ones who support them, nurture them, give up your dreams for them, and this does not serve neither of you.

Another aspect of this influence is to end the fight. So many of you will realize that even if you will win your fight, the price you pay along the way is far higher than what you might gain.

All of the above are non-emotional energies, this is the keen intellect, sharp accounting intellect, that will be your best guide this full moon. Used correctly, you will be able to see emotional blackmails and not succumb to them anymore, and at the same time, not act that way yourselves anymore.

The above is supported by Venus in Taurus with no aspects. Pure calculations of profit and loss are possible right now. I do not think there is any human right now who is calculating with no emotional attachments, or under pressure from those who have more and want to keep their position. No economic policy right now is geared to benefit the majority; they are all geared to keep the few in power, and all the others in a place of serving those few.

It will take a long time for this to change, but people who are willing to look at the numbers without the bias, fear, and emotional attachments, will be able to take the few steps that will set them free. You can be that person.

Remember; do not wait for the right time, the right person, or for the Government to help you. Trust yourself in the next two weeks, and surprise yourself.







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