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What does she Want? Mars in a woman’s Horoscope

Why Mars:

Mars is the planet of action, of sex, of doing, and in a women’s chart, it shows the type of man she is attracted to, the man she will stay with.

A woman will look for someone who best answers her Mars’s needs. The one  she feels is equal to her.

Mars shows our passion, our desire to dominate, as well as our desire to surrender.

Mars is our libido, and libido functions in every aspect of our life: we look for food, for fun activities, for sex. Mars lives in the moment, acts on our desires without thinking, this is the part of us that functions in the now moment, decides on the course of action: seduction, retreat, cry, the options are endless.

A woman’s mars show her capacity to enjoy sex, and to go for what she wants in life in general.

How to find out:

Go to: http://astrologywork.com/free-astrology-chart/, put in the birth details and locate ♂ in the chart. Look at the sign ♂ is in.

Mars through the signs in a woman’s horoscope chart:

  • Mars in Aries – She wants a manly man, one who knows how to fight, one who doesn’t take his time. She will choose again and again the type who doesn’t think before he acts, who are rash and impulsive. To seduce her you will have to show strength in sports, ability to lead, and swap her off her feet with surprises.

-          Between the sheets: strong, hard , full of life, don’t take your time

-          What to buy her: sky diving experience


  • Mars is Taurus – She wants a dependable man, she will be impressed by showing her that you have a good solid career, that you do take your time making decisions thinking them through, she will like you to be able to be handy be able to fix things around the house, plant a nice garden, please note that she is very stubborn.

-          Between the sheets: take your time, slow, thorough, touch all her body

-          What to buy her: something valuable that holds over time: designer purse, high end scarf

  • Mars in Gemini – She likes you to talk, be trendy and upbeat about what goes on in the world, she likes to go out a lot, so you better keep up. It is very helpful if you have many friends and many interests, because she gets bored easily.

-          Between the sheets: talk to her while you’re at it, don’t fall into routine

-          What to buy her: books, weekend getaways


  • Mars in Cancer – She likes the home type, she would like to mother you, or be fathered by you. She enjoys going out to fine restaurants, she expresses herself very emotionally, and enjoys family environments, and or places that have water.

-          Between the sheets: Make her feel safe, allow her to show a lot of emotion, she loves to hug.

-          What to buy her: gourmet food


  • Mars in Leo – She is looking for someone who stands out. Deep within she wants a movie star, but she will take you on if you look good, your shoulders are wide and strong, and you project energy of success around you. She likes the good life with status symbols and royal atmosphere. You must dress well.

-          Between the sheets: Make her feel like a queen, romance her all the time

-          What to buy her: Something special : an unusual pin that stands out, a movie memorabilia


  • Mars in Virgo – She wants you to be punctual, to be neat and tidy, she doesn’t like the flashy types, and will prefer someone who is dependable, good with his hands, and able to fix things around the house. If you win her trust you will enjoy more than you think since she is very sensual. She wants to know that you are in control of your life.

-          Between the sheets: Be very conscious of the places in her body that are tender, and show her that you do indeed study her particular body.

-          What to buy her: A good looking watch, she likes gadgets.


  • Mars in Libra – She loves a good debate more than anything else. She does take forever to decide on a course of action. You must dress well and in the latest fashion. She wants to feel equal to you.

-          Between the sheets: Spend some time until you know she is ready, don’t let her talk too much.

-          What to buy her: Theater tickets, take her to art gallery

  • Mars in Scorpio – She is looking for someone who is loyal to her. She is very strong and will not be fooled easily, she believes that her relationships are karmatic. She can have more passion in her than any other sign.

-          Between the sheets: Surprise her, don’t talk, just let her (and yourself) feel, take your time.

-          What to buy her: A Krystal with meaning attached to it


  • Mars in Sagittarius – She wants a free spirit, she wants you to be able to take her out on camping trips, trips abroad are good, and generally enjoy a good time. Make sure she doesn’t get bored. Don’t try to bind her in any way.

-          Between the sheets: Variations are good, besides that she doesn’t really care much on performance issues.

-          What to buy her: A tent, books, trip to Vegas.


  • Mars in Capricorn – she is looking for someone who is “right”, whatever her social status, she wants you to fit in, to be a good dad and a good provider. You will get loyalty and a relationship that gets better over the years.

-          Between the sheets: conventional, gets better over time.

-          What to buy her: Flowers, jewelry, business cards holders, anything useful for her work.


  • Mars in Aquarius – she wants you to be her best friend, she wants you to get along with her friends, she wants to be free to pursue her interests, but she will share them with you gladly. You must be able to hold an intelligent conversation.

-          Between the sheets: She either likes other girls, or something kinky or not into sex at all, “bring her down” into her body with massages.

-          What to buy her: Technology oriented gifts.


  • Mars in Pisces – She likes the art type, you have to do something artistic, or mediumistic to impress her. Her moods may surprise you. She can disappear without warning, only to reappear unexpectedly. Don’t try to put sense into her words, accept her.

-          Between the sheets: Depends on her mood, all variations from conventional, to extreme are open.

-          What to buy her: tickets to a concert, ballet, art supply.



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