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New Moon in Aquarius Horoscope: February 10, 2013

This new moon will feature an exact square between the Sun/Moon and the Nodes. This will bring up yet again all those issues we were dealing with in November when we experienced the eclipses. It has been three months since then, and we now have to see – have we stayed true to our intentions, or have we gone back to our good old ways, of doing nothing and complaining about life?

This new moon does not have much “action” with it, it does have a lot of faith, dreams of a better life and a better world, hopes for redemption, and many good intentions. The problem is that good intentions are not enough. We all  need to start doing more, risking our good intentions by actually doing something, and seeing them facing reality and become a bit tainted with harsh facts, other people’s misinterpretations, ignorance – whatever the world has to offer.

Yet, Aquarius is the sign of service, even more than Virgo. The sign itself is the sign of the man who carries the water for his fellowmen. Now, we don’t have to do that these days, but we all can keep our good intentions and hopes for a better world for all; we can stay true to our visions and dreams, with the added step of actually doing something about them.

So, this new moon is a powerful day, YOU can feel up that day with regrets and complaints, you can feel it up with hopes, wishes and dreams, AND you can feel it up with REAL feel good vibe by allowing yourself to feel good. This is a great day to breathe and allow some compassion to go through you.

Valentine’s Day is just a few days ahead, and many will face relationship issues. For those who do not have a significant relationship, this horoscope will NOT bring a miracle of love. On the contrary, this horoscope can help you enjoy your friends, enjoy who you are, and support your individuality. It will not support a new unforeseen love. Be brave this Valentine and don’t feel sorry for yourself, instead celebrate love in all of its kinds – compassion towards everybody, love for life and love for you.

The new moon takes place on February 10, 7:20 GMT, 21° of Aquarius.



The horoscope of the new moon features The Sun/Moon is Aquarius, with Venus also there, yet many of the other planets are already in Pieces. The difference between November and Now is Jupiter.

Jupiter is now picking up speed and racing forward. If we made a decision on November, and nothing happened, expect it around the time of this full moon. Jupiter trines Venus (life seem more fun when those two are in good aspect), and sextile Uranus  – Aquarius ruler.

That same Uranus in Aries demanding new and new and yet again something new, is in semi-square to the Sun/Moon bring up all those frustrations around, I am doing all I can and yet my life does not change as expected.

So, hidden in this horoscope is the change you were seeking, it may surprise you, it may come in unexpected ways, and you will be frustrated by it, you will ask yourself – Why did I wish for this? What was I thinking?

This is where the Pisces energy will come to your aid with compassion, and the knowing that in the long run you are on the right track and you are loved no matter what, even if the people around you neglect to show it to you.



Element: Air

Modality: Fixed

Ruler: Uranus

House: 11th House

aquarius heartAquarius, who symbolizes this age, is not so easy to understand. This sign has two rulers, the old ruler, Saturn, and the new ruler, Uranus.

The Aquarians who are more Saturninan by nature are the best service people you can find. They are civil, they do their work well, they come on time, they pay their bills, they help those in need – yet they could be a bit boring. You can recognize them by the appearance, the look older than they their real age. Those are the people who hold up society by doing their share of the work without complaints, and with a good attitude.

The Aquarians that are more Uraninan are those anarchists, scientists, and those that rebel, those that invent new things, those that are proud to be on the outskirts of society. They are very interesting, but very unpredictable at the same time. You cannot trust them, they hate regular work, they are unreliable in relationships, and they really don’t care. All they want is to be left alone to pursue their ideals, and the rest of the world should do the same.

Aquarians of both types are sometimes accused of being cold and indifferent. Those who love them want to get some big gestures of love and romance and those are just not there. So, if you are in love in an Aquarian – just accept the fact that they have their own way of showing their love. Another important point to remember is that you have to be friends as well as lovers if you want your relationship to survive over time, and you have to be on good terms with his or her friends.


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