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2013 horoscopes

New Moon in Aries Horoscope: April 10, 2013

This is the new moon of new beginnings. This new beginning can be made on so many levels, but continuing the discussion of the last full moon, this new beginning is something that is related to you and you only.

If you want to start a new business venture, than go ahead, but you cannot wait for anyone else to do it for you, you will have to build your website on your own, (or pay someone else to do it for you), you will have to decide by yourself on the design, the content, the promotion, you get the point. It is up to you.

If you want a new beginning in relationships, here too, you will have to do it by yourself. You will have to form a new relationship with yourself first, and with your spouse later. So any of my clients tell me that they wait for their partner to appreciate them, take them on a holiday, buy them a gift, or just be nice to them. Now is the time to stop waiting: appreciate yourself, take yourself to a vacation, buy yourself something nice, and talk gently to your partner.

This new moon will highlight the Ego. Ego by itself is not evil, it is not the reason why people suffer or are getting into trouble. The problems originate from Egos that have not matured well. People who believe that the only way to get ahead is by using or manipulating other people, people who do not allow the Egos of other people to be comfortable near them, and for so many, it is an Ego who still behaves the same way it did when they were 2 years old (tantrums if they don’t get what they want), or the same as it did when they were (taking no responsibility on their actions, blaming others for their own mistakes).

Healthy ego is what we all truly want. We want to have that confidence in self, we want to be able to stand up for ourselves, and for some reason those basic qualities that are basic to any achievement in life have been labeled as “unspiritual”. The truth is just the opposite, only a person who can hold his ground can achieve anything, including spiritual knowledge and inspiration.

This new moon, can be a wonderful time to connect to yourself. Who you are, what is unique about you, how you can be there for yourself, and how you can allow yourself to be seen by you (and others). So many of my clients tend to hide and not allow their wise part, beautiful part to shine. Now is the time to turn on the light.

The new moon takes place on April 10, 09:35 GMT, 20° of Pisces.

newmoon in aries



The horoscope of the new moon with has the Sun/Moon conjunction with a Venus and Mars conjunction as well, all leading to a feeling of wishing to burst out. Relationships will be uneasy to manage, since many people still blame others for all that is wrong in their lives instead of making that one small first step to improve their lives by themselves.

With Mercury in Pisces it will be hard to communicate, Saturn still in retro in Scorpio will NOT add any ability to think for the long term, so this configuration will result in child like behavior of many, outbursts and tantrums over anything and at anyone.

The best way to use this energy is to do something new. Something which you have not experienced before, therefore it is new to you. This thing should be for fun [purposes, and should not be your next career move, or relationship cure.

Go ahead feel alive, feel like a child that is learning how to ride the bike for the first time.



Element: Fire

Modality: Cardinal

Ruler: Mars

House: 1st House

Aries is the sign of the Self. Those who are born in this sign need to learn and make space for themselves. There is a calling from their souls o breakout of old barriers, and the best way to do it is by incorporating the Aries energy of assertion, of courage, of allowing new things easily into the life.

Aries are maters in starting anew. No other sign has this ability to start from scratch again and yet again. Even Aries who already have a family and a job they like, keep starting anew by learning a new hobby, learning yoga one year, and karate the next, allowing themselves to try out new things easier than any other sign.

Those who love Aries find it hard sometimes to keep up with them. They like to lead, they like to be spontaneous, and they want to know that they are in charge at least in some respects over their lives. At the same time, those same Aries are a bit naïve, a nit child like in their dealings with the world at large, and they do not like to think three steps ahead.

The energy of Aries is associated with the warrior, with Mars as the ruler of Aries, and yes, people with a heave emphasis of Aries are capable of getting angry very fast. At the same time they do not hold a grudge, and they can say they are sorry and move ahead pretty quickly as well. Those who have a lot of Aries in their charts should turn that warrior like attitude into a battle for the good of the whole; they can lead the rest into changing this world to a better place for all.

The beauty of the Aries energy can be seen when there is true self confidence. Those people know that they can trust themselves, they know that they can handle anything that comes their way, and in a beautiful way they trust the cosmos, and the cosmos does provide.


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