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New Moon & Full Moon

New Moon in Cancer Horoscope: July 19, 2012

Cancer astrologyThe theme for this new moon in Cancer is one of Cancer’s fondest activities: longing. Cancer is known for their ability to move in between moods, just like the moon, their ruler. In this horoscope, the Sun/Moon conjunction in Cancer is in a square aspect to Saturn in Libra, signifying the struggle between whishes and reality.

The longing will change from one person to the next. Some will long for the “good old days” (Cancers are great at that), some will long for Paradise lost, some will long for a future that is not here yet, and some will just long for a real human connection: family, love, support – the basics of the Cancer energy.

After all the lunations that we had in the past months, here comes another one that is not an easy one. The Pluto/Uranus square is joined by Mars for a tight T Square which will highlight the frustrations felt by almost everybody in the world today regarding the huge gaps between what they want and what they get.

The tension will keep centering n the same issues of past months: the need for progress vs. the wish to keep things as they are. The wish for a better life for all, while not willing to pay the price for the creation of this better life. The Cancer energy will bring with it the talk about tradition, sine Cancer is all about tradition, as well as an emphasis on patriotic feelings (just in time for the Olympic Games)

The danger with all these aspects is to take matters far too seriously and to jump into the conclusion the force is the only way to go. Cancer as a sign is not as timid as people think it is. True, Cancers do have the tendency to retreat when attacked, but let us not forget the Cancers on the beach are very able to stage their own attacks, and when the grab on to something they would rather lose a limb than let their pray go.

For Cancers the emotions they experience are the most important issue that is going on right now. Many of them do learn over the years that moods come and go, but so many do not learn those needed lessons of self restraint, and self understanding that emotions have their place in life indeed, but emotions should not run life for us.

The major point for all these uneasy emotions that will flood all of us in this new moon, will be to remember that they are indeed passing. The rage, the fury, the hurt, and yes, even=n the longing will be replaced by other concerns in the near future.

This new moon, when we plant the seeds for the next month, we can all benefit from seeing the difference between emotions and feelings. The currents the sweep by all the time with their highs and lows, vs. the deep currents, those that we hardly ever notice. This new moon and the two weeks that will follow will bring a rare opportunity to dive deep into feelings – even those that are hard to bear, and see their place in the large scheme of life, vs. the distracting emotions that just serve the small part of us who responds to them.

The new moon takes place on July  19, 04:24 GMT, 26° of Cancer.

New Moon in Cancer July 2012



Element: Water

Modality: Cardinal

Ruler: Moon

House: 4th House

Cancer is one of the least understood signs of the zodiac by the other signs. On the one hand they have the ability to nurture like no other sign, and on the other hand, they are not quick in offering their services.

Cancer new moonCancers prove to all the other signs far more shroud than they first appear. Their appearance is that of modesty, or naïve, and of harmlessness. However, many find out fast enough that Cancers are very able to take care of themselves, they are not easily fooled, and they know how to bite back when needed.

Cancers do act like the moon, they are in a constant state of changing moods, laughing and cheerful one minute, moody and upset in the next. Those who love them just learn how to live with these highs and lows, and take them as a part of life.

The Cancer energy is the energy that all babies meet up with as soon as they are born and in their early years. The moon in any chart as well as the 4th house represent the early childhood experienced by every individual alive. We astrologers tend to look for the feeling of safety experienced by the moon, with right nurturing that accompanies it, and for the ability to express feeling, all are Cancerians territories.

The Cancer energy is this basic energy of making a home in which one can get worm, get nurtured by good food and emotional acceptance, and express who they are freely. This is the ideal, and in this new moon lets all join in pray that all children will get a home that has those qualities in it, this will cure the world from many many ailments in the long run.



New Moons:

New Moons are a good time to reflect on something new. Take a look at your chart, locate the 26th degree of Cancer by house and see the influence of your childhood and the tradition you come from in this area.


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