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New Moon in Gemini Horoscope: June 8, 2013

Gemini brings with it energy that is quick, mental, friendly, experimental. The Gemini energy is so strong these days, all the social Gemininetworking is based on the Gemini energy, all the Media that is consumed right now around the world can be traced back to Gemini, we are all so influenced by all those words that we hear and read every day that we do not even stop, take a deep breath and try to make some sense out of all those pieces of information.

I think that every person on the planet is in a state of information overload. People like you, who read these articles want  more than many other things – they want some peace. Real peace that comes from real silence.  When you are able to stop your mind from racing in every different direction all the time. So many who wish that the voices in their own heads will stop for a while.

Gemini as an energy can be represented in each and every one of us by the multitude of voices that speak in our minds. We all experience internal debates, we all want them to stop, but when they do – we find it hard to be in silence. All those can be traced deep into the voice of the humane and the voice of the soul. We are all very familiar with the human voices, we hear them all the time, we are used to them. The voice of the soul is the one that we all wish we could hear better.

This new moon can be a good time to connect to all those internal voices, and see if we can on a very deep personal level construct a bridge between the opposing voices. The suggestion of this particular degree (18 degree Gemini) suggests sports activities as a way to quiet the mind and unify the personality.

Gemini is the energy that connects you to your surrounding environment, to the culture that you are in, through learning, through being with neighbors and friends, through all the activities that you do on a daily basis in which you are a part of your city or village, like grocery shopping.

This weekend of the new moon in Gemini will be a good time to be active, to move. Whether it is a hiking trip, swimming or any other activity that exercises the body is the best way to receive and make most of the energies pouring in.


The new moon takes place on June 8, 15:56 GMT, 18° of Gemini.

new moon in gemini

The horoscope of the new moon in Gemini, features the Sun/Moon conjunction close to Jupiter. This configuration can broaden the mind and help you learn something new very fast, on the other hand it can lead to exaggeration and the feeling of confidence in your knowledge without real basis for it.

The real story of this horoscope is represented by Mercury. Mercury – Gemini ruler, is in Cancer, conjunct Venus, and in a T square to Pluto and Uranus. This configuration can bring with it many revelations regarding your family heritage and your culture. You were taught as a young child the truths of your clan, the values, and the history of your race. This next two weeks may bring surprises with them regarding those stories. This energy is like finding a new fossil that forces the anthropologists to come up with new explanation of human origin, this energy can uncover a family secret that forces the family to face some of its deep hidden agendas.

Expect the unexpected with this. Expect a new story to surface that will force you to re-evaluate your roots, your connection to your family, and to your home.

At the same time Venus is in a harmonious triangle with Neptune and Saturn in the Water signs. This can be a good time to fall in love, to forgive past mistakes and to feel how much you do love the people that are near and dear to you, even f they make a lot of unnecessary noise.

Mars in Gemini is squaring Neptune and this always signals that forcing one’s way is not the best option. Trying to force anyone to listen to you, to change their opinion, or to make them do or believe your side is very hard these days. The best you can do with this is to try and believe yourself, try and trust your soul, and find peaceful means of communicating with others.


Element: Air

Modality: Mutable

Ruler: Gemini

House: 3rd House

Gemini new moonThe sign Gemini has many attributes, and this time we will concentrate on its ability to connect. Gemini as a Mercurial sign is the sign of commerce, the sign of media outlets of every kind, a sign of information, of knowledge and a lot of unnecessary pieces and bits of information that we all carry and that we could all do much better without. The best Gemini type is the one that is able to connect to everyone around them, find a common ground on which a relationship can form, and a connection can be established. This connection can be brief, like talking to sales clerk; it can be long lasting as connecting to friend from school.

Gemini love to talk, love to communicate on every level and they make the best teachers as well as journalists and any other profession that deal with the passing of information and opinions from one person to another.

Gemini is a dualistic sign, is it the sign that represents best the basis of all duality: the personality and the soul. The one incarnation that you know as yourself, and the over shadow of the essence of a greater you that is represented by your soul.

We all know the duality by the constant debate in our minds: should I do it, should I not. Should I buy this or maybe it is too expensive for me, or it does not fit me well. What should I have for lunch, on the one hand I would love a fast food meal, on the other hand I should be eating a salad. You know those debates in your mind; you live with them and take them for granted.

The higher note of these debates is between soul and personality. The personality sees a very limited view of life on one hand, and on the other, it is the part that is best suited to the time and place and knows how to deal with daily life. The soul wants the personality to grow up to the point in which it can respond to it, but does not care much about the daily life demands. The secret of Gemini is in its ability to combine all those differing world vies, all those pieces of information coming from all around and from within, and making sense out of them, enabling them to take part in the world as a whole human being.


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