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New Moon in Libra Horoscope: October 2013

Libra new moonThe coming new moon in Libra intensifies the overall stress and feeling of overwhelm we all experience. The Uranus Pluto square has been with us for few months already, and on this new moon, with the Sun and the Moon in an exact aspect to both, we are forced to move out of our balance.

Indeed, Libra is the sign of balance, but as any of you know, as long as you live, balance will shift, move and change. This new moon calls for a global movement, as well as a very personal movement. The idea is to take the next step from the point of balance, and not from any of the sides.

I wrote this a few days before the American Politics gave us the best example of how the forces that want change clash with those that do not want the change. The result is a standstill, but as you know, this standstill is not a healthy situation, and it cannot stay for long.

I have had a recent talk with a Libra that asked me how she can get to that illusive balance, that illusive point between the extremes and stay there. My answer was that the second you get to a balance and it can be a positive one (a feeling of peace and comfort), or a negative one (no one can move so as not to disturb the delicate balance), the second you get there, you have to move to a new point of balance. it can be understood by remembering that Libra is a Cardinal sign, and Cardinal signs always push forward with a new goal presenting itself as soon as the previous goal has been reached.

The issue of balance is a major one. We see the damage done by people who are “out of balance”, we see the personal price we pay in our daily lives just to “keep the peace”, or to not rock the boat. Well, this time it will be very difficult to keep the peace or to Not rock the boat. What you need now is the willingness to listen, to talk and to agree on a course of action towards a more real and solid life, one in which you are not afraid to rock and roll once in a while.

Libra is the sign of marriage, of relationship and most of them start with promises to love forever. Yet, in a few short weeks the couple starts a battle of are wrestling that can last to the end of their mutual life. This new moon asks you to STOP the arm wrestling, take all the energy you invest in keeping the situation as it is and just move on a head to a place where you can use your hand for hugging instead of fighting.

The new moon takes place on October 5, 00:34 GMT, 11° of Libra.

New moon in Libra 2013

The Horoscope features many stressful aspects besides the Sun/Moon T square. We have Venus, Libra ruler in a stressful aspect to Mars, and when those two are in such an aspect, the tendency is to fight, hurt and get hurt from those we love most.

Mercury in Scorpio adds to the fire, with its deeper look at what is hidden. Mercury will start to retrograde on Oct. 21, but we can already feel the need and the call to uncover unpleasant truths. This will be the theme of the next two months. Its not that we don’t know that there are unpleasant issue in our lives, we just don’t want to look at them, however, in the next 3 months, no one will be able to hide or run away from what they see.

So, after all this gloom and stress, what can we do to make the best out of these energies?

These energies are calling for resolution. We all have projects, ideas and dreams that are on hold for a long time, and we find excuses Libra horoscopewhy we do not follow them. Now is the time to just move ahead and look for a new point of balance. Be brave in the next two weeks, make one step to realize a dream you may have, and be sure that the energies will support you on your way to a higher, better, and yes – more balanced life.


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