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New Moon in Pisces Horoscope: March 11, 2013

We continue the discussion of the Pisces energy on its two extremes the one extreme of heaven: truth, beauty, unconditional love and clarity, and the other is the side that promises heaven yet lead you straight to hell: drugs, lies, love for sale, get rich quick schemes, loans that can never be paid back, a guru that swindles you out of everything you have. Well you read the news, you are very familiar with broken promises, with lies, with paranoia on all its levels, and the dream of a heaven seems so far away.

It’s time to remember an old dream. It’s the dream that you had as a small child looking forward to a fulfilling life. In most cases it was not so grand, just having a good relationship, a nice home, a family, and a job you like. So many of us fall short on the Saturn dream, we do not have the meaningful relationships, our homes belong to the bank, and our jobs are not fulfilling.

Pisces new moonMost of the people I meet have dreams were Saturn plays a role, the stability of a home a family and a position in life. Yet, now we are discussing the Neptunian dream. The dream that the soul dreams. In this dream, we experience unconditional love, in this dream we can trust our leaders in Government and in religion, we can trust our family and friends.

This new moon, which is so influential moving forward, has six planets in Pisces. The wish to run away from this harsh reality will be very strong. It is up to each and every one of us to hold on to the belief that we can make a better world for ourselves, and those around us. The new moon will feature the transcendence of SELF. Some will go on a self destruction route (drugs, alcohol, video games, etc.), a few will manage to touch something beyond themselves and be OK with it.

This new moon, coming just a few days before Mercury turns direct again will send all of us searching for heaven, for some type of hope. Make sure you look in the right places. It will be so easy to fall prey to anyone trying to sell you something, so be careful. Many will get a glimpse of reality, and when reality knocks it’s not an easy feeling. The best way to deal with it is to get the understanding, and let the understanding transform you from within, rather than running away from it. Or worse, asking someone else to take care of you and of your life for you.

Pisces is known as the sign of sacrifice, where miracles can happen, but with them the worst types of abuse. This new moon, ask yourself honestly, what can make you feel fulfilled for more than a few minutes, a few hours or even a few days. Ask yourself how you can quench the thirst with something that has a lasting value, rather than a lasting debt.

The new moon takes place on March 11, 19:50 GMT, 21° of Pisces.

New moon in Pisces



The horoscope of the new moon with so many planets in Pisces, we are all overwhelmed from feelings, emotions, desires, and behind those, the promise of love. The Sun/Moon conjunction between Venus and Mars keeps us looking closer to home, into our relationships with the people who are around us most of the time.

We are bombarded by their energies, you can see how one angry person can change the atmosphere of a whole room, you can also get to know the point of deep connection within where you know that the anger is not yours, and therefore you can feel it but you do not take it home with you.

The Yod configuration between Jupiter , Pluto and Saturn that is on and off for the past six months is doing a wonderful job in making all of us doubt everything we hear or read in the media. we no longer believe what we are told by our Governments, and we will see some of the results of this starting next year when officials will change the way they present the news to us.

Mercury will come to its stationary point prior to going direct, and that point is amazingly the same one, where the lunar eclipse of Dec. took place. Any one born on: May 24 – May 29 (Gemini), Aug 26 – Aug 31 (Virgo), Nov 26 – Nov 30 (Sagittarius), and Feb 23 – Feb 28 (Pisces) , you are seeing how your life changes, how your identity morphs on its own into something else in most cases contrary to what you had in mind. The process is not over yet, now is the time to get the understanding, while the actual new you will come after the next lunar eclipse.



Element: Water

Modality: Mutable

Ruler: Neptune

House: 12th House

Pisces has so many facets we can write books on this sign and get only a quarter of the way through. This time I would like to highlight yet again the Pisces energy as the energy that can distort but on the same level it can also reveal.

PiscesYou all know it, you hang around someone who is a Piscean in nature and you are amazed at how naïve they can be, how they manage to lead themselves to believe yet again in the wrong person or idea, and then, in between, you hear them say a truth so clear, simple and beautiful. You do not believe it’s the same person who can see so clearly for one minute and be deluded on the next.

This is just one example of how hard it is to understand Pisces. Pisces does belong the realm of feelings, and even more so to the real of dreams. Where everything morphs all the time, changing moods, locations, where the impossible is normal, and the normal takes a back seat.

We as humans need that energy of that something else, of the whole where we are absorbed when our time is up, where true hope resides together with beauty and honesty. Someone has to live their life in this energy, and the Picseans are doing it.

They can heal you with their touch, they can make you go crazy with their way of living and talking, yet you cannot ignore them.

To the Pisces reading this – happy birthday, may your dreams (true dreams, those that have nothing to do with money) come true this year for you and for all of us.


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