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New Moon & Full Moon

New Moon in Sagittarius Horoscope: December 13, 2012

Continuing on the high energies of months past, and many of us still shaken by the events surrounding the solar eclipse, comes yet another New Moon. This new moon can manifest in so many ways for all of us, and a lot of what will transpire depends on the consciousness that you have.

sagittarius new moonThe essence of this new moon can be seen in the image of the Sagittarius: half man half horse shooting an arrow. When shooting that arrow the angel beast (commonly known as the human), does not know where it is going to land, or what he will get from it – he is filled with faith, and belief that the arrow will land in the right place for him.

This new moon will bring many insights to the higher mind in all of us, but it will seem so hard to take those concepts and integrate them into daily life.

There is more to the Sagittarius energy: The Sagittarius energy brings with it the WISH for expansion, the wish for growth, the wish for freedom and big dreams filled with hope of a better future. The WISH does not mean that you are going to get the expansion, growth, abundance and all the rest of the list of the things you are wishing for. In reality some growth and expansion do come along, but they take much longer than what we expect, and on the way, they require from us to grow from within as well.

So, this new moon theme will center on our dreams for a better future for ourselves and the world, and the sense of frustration when we wake up from those day dreams to our reality which is so far removed of those dreams.

The feeling of frustration will be stronger for all those who are stuck on two items:

–          The first is all those old beliefs that simply do not belong to this new era. For example, many women want a better life for themselves and their children, but are still stuck in the belief that they will be happiest when they have a good relationship with a supporting husband. In this new era,  happiness comes first, the relationship soon follows. Another example: Those who wait for their luck to show up and then they will start work on their big project. Again it is the other way around, when you start working on your projects, luck and opportunities pop up.

–          The second item is timing. We dream big dreams and we want them Now (or yesterday). In reality, something of those dreams can become a part of our real life, but in a completely different time frame than the one we have in mind.

To enjoy this new moon to its best, is will be important to drop old beliefs, let go of the expectations regarding the time frame for manifesting and yes, dream big dreams for yourselves and for the world.

The new moon takes place on December 13, 08:41 GMT, 21° of Sagittarius.

NewMoon in sagittarius 2012


In the horoscope of the new moon we have the Sun/Moon conjunction making one aspect of semi-square to Saturn. This aspect feels like the frustration between the highs of day dreaming and the lows of daily life – with no apparent way to bridge the two.

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius is in a Yod formation with Saturn and Pluto – urging all of us to look within, expand our consciousness and become aware of more. Jupiter’s retrograde motion in Gemini asks us all to get rid of many many concepts that we have accumulated in the past 12 years, and keep only those that serve us, that work for us. This Yod configuration will make this task easy for those who wish to clear their minds and allow room for higher concepts that will come when Jupiter turns direct (in late January).

Mars and Venus are also in challenging aspects adding more to the feeling of frustration. We feel like we cannot do anything to improve our situation, we feel unable to share our love with those we care about, and we dream of a perfect world in which we can do those.

Yet, Saturn and Pluto will support long term plans which have many small steps for improvements, and Uranus/Mercury will support the link to the higher mind, even if it seems so far removed from current reality.

This horoscope does feature a few prominent fixed starts which support spiritual awakening, and support what benefits the collective. Thoughts and dreams about a better world for ALL will carry far greater weight than those centering on one’s own better life.


Element: Fire

Modality: Mutable

Ruler: Jupiter

House: 9th House


Sagittarius is the last of the Fire signs. Aries is the Cardinal fire, Leo is the fixed fire, and Sagittarius is the mutable fire. In Astrology fire represents beginnings, represents the self, the ability to focus on oneself. Fire brings warmth, it is the spark that starts life, and is also the source of light.

Sagittarians therefore can have traits of all of the above; they can be extremely egotistical perusing their own freedom and preaching to everyone else that they should do the same. At the same time they can be very philosophical seeing the bigger picture, forgiving easily any wrong doing done to them, and living what the preach. Spirituality is important to them, and they do try to live what they preach.

Sagittarians can be a source of heat and light, as much as too much of those. Sometimes it seems as if they live in their own world, where a better tomorrow is waiting for them around the corner. This can be great because optimism is great to be around, yet some of them take it to the next step and invest their life in get rich quick schemes, or in gambling (luck must show up sometimes). The same can be said about their spirituality, they look for the “get enlightened in 3 steps” schools, trying to cut corners and take short route anywhere they go. When those schemes do not work, they just move on to the next one, keeping on dreaming about the great life coming their way soon. While hoping, they do acquire knowledge; they do learn how to transcend time, and find the expansion of consciousness, how to become citizens of the earth, and how to sustain themselves on very little other than spirit energy and optimism.

Sagittarius is far more than what I have listed above, but this new moon the energy of looking for expansion, being philosophical about it, and then being brave and getting out of the box is the energy that will come to the forefront.

Use the Sagittarian energy wisely. It can bring expansion, luck and joy, when it is not put in little boxes of time, when you are open to accepting them when they come at their own pace, and when you are willing to move beyond some old beliefs.

New Moons:

New moons are the time for seeding new ideas and projects. Find the 21° of Sagittarius in your chart by house, and this will be the area where you can dream how to improve for yourself and for all.


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