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New Moon in Sagittarius Horoscope: December 2013

sagittarius new moonThe new moon in Sagittarius always brings with it a wave of hope. It coincides with the holiday season in many parts of the world, and as such reminds us that fun, festivities, getting together are essential part of life as we know it.

The sign Sagittarius has many facets to it, maybe more than any other sign, only most people do not stop to ponder on all it represents labeling the sign as the lucky sign, or the professor sign.  Sagittarius though, as a mutable sign can be the above, and at the same time can be so many other things.

Jupiter its ruler endows people born in Sagittarius with a love of learning, with a good disposition towards other humans, with what is called good intentions, and with high hopes, ideas and dreams. Dreams are wonderful, they are the true fuel that keeps us going and taking part in the world, but at this point in time we have to start looking a bit closer at their effect on us (I refer to day dreaming).  The problem with those dreams is that so many who day dream lose little by little every day and every year. They refuse the jobs that seem too small for them, they do not interact with the people around them since the dream is so nice and their boyfriend or children are so demanding, they slowly retreat from participation and then every step in life seem so hard and harsh, and they find themselves retreating instead of advancing in all manners of daily life.

This past month especially I encountered in my consultations people who desire success. Many of you reading these words understand that wish, that desire, and find yourself dreaming about it far more than you will ever admit to anyone.

This new moon that brings a fresh wave of these dreams can be a turning point. It can be the moment when you mix Jupiter and its promises with Saturn and its demands.

It is so easy to lose yourself in a dream state where you are a big success and all is well in your life it is far harder, but much more rewarding to start looking into your own dreams and taking the essence of hope and faith, while removing the rest of the cloud.

I usually do not write about Chiron, but this time its energies in square to the Sun/Moon conjunction can help you in this huge step you are about to take. That cloud of hopes, wishes and dreams that is mostly comprised of media representation of success can best be eliminated with the help of the Chiron common sense and modesty. The way to go about dissolving the cloud is to catch yourself every time you are entering your dream state (when you drive, eat, play a computer game etc.) and slowly stop the dream and see that what you are really after is acceptance. You want the recognition that you are worthwhile, that you have some value inside you.

So, especially on the new moon day, pause in your cloud and just feel acceptance and a sense of value in who you are. Takes a while to practice and make real, but the rewards are great. You are able to start making those wise choices that do put you on the right path towards more value in your life. More value may be more money, but it might be more valuable time to enjoy life, or being around other people who have value in them.

New Moon Sagittarius 2013

The New Moon Horoscope:

The horoscope of the New Moon in Sagittarius features the Sun/Moon conjunction in square to Neptune (the cloud of hops dreams and desires), and a trine to Uranus  Рthe ability to see objectively.

The ruler Jupiter, in retro, in Cancer, points in the direction of looking into what has proven itself as satisfactory in the past, and maybe try to capture that feeling again. The trine to Saturn can help in recognizing what works well for you and emphasizing that part in your life.

JupiterJupiter in Opposition to Venus will help in looking into your relationships in a real and practical way. Are you really there or are you in your dream and your partner is in his own dream?

So much of the new age techniques revolve around wishing and dreaming; now it is time to burst those bubbles. Dreaming, wishing and even praying works miracles when directed towards others, but are harmful when all you want is to inflate your self esteem. This new moon dream of a better world for everybody, one in which people do not turn to their own clouds of make belief perfect world but are interacting in the real world.




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