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New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio Horoscope: November 2013

solar eclipseThe coming Solar Eclipse is a unique eclipse, not like the one we had a year ago also in the sign of Scorpio. This Eclipse will bring with it a wave of building energy instead of the usual destructive energy of Scorpio.

We are all used to reading about the Scorpio energy of clearing, releasing and separating from what has served its purpose, we are used to thinking about Scorpio as the sign in which the unconsciousness rises and we are faced with truths we would rather ignore.

But this year, this specific eclipse is different. The other side of Scorpio is the side where we can experience the greatest intimacy, the greatest loyalty, caring and love. The past few years have been hard for many of us, both in our relationships, and in our finances.

You could say that despite the efforts of big business to milk everybody out of their money, despite the Governments paralysis that can be witnessed all over the world, despite all of those, things will get better for many. The world is already seeing many hidden issues surface, and we will see many more of those. The hidden agendas of Governments, of banks and big businesses will continue to be exposed, and in the long run many will understand that they cannot hide their unethical ways, and will re-consider their actions.

The other issue which is probably the most important one is the fight against the raping of women. In many countries this has been the norm for the past 10,000 years, and finally, people all over the world realize that it is wrong to use women, children or anyone for the satisfaction of a passing desire. This is probably the best sign that we are on the right track for a much better world, a safer world for so many.

When a Scorpio gets in touch with Spirit, when they touch that infinite love and power, then, they are able to build the right structures, the right relationships, and the right distribution of money in a way that respects all the parties involved. We will all see a bit of this in the upcoming months.

A Solar eclipse is like a reshuffling of the cards, and you can read a bit more about it in last year’s eclipse.

This Eclipse is going to change you in a good way: slowly you will feel and realize that what used to make you feel good and satisfied no longer gives you the same satisfaction. It will be very subtle, yet very real when you find yourself unable to enjoy what you used to like so much. This, in time, will make you step closer to your true heart, and your true passions and feelings that will direct you to your own path. Nothing dramatic, only small withdrawals from unhealthy habits, I cannot think of a better energy to get you moving in the right direction.

The Solar Eclipse Horoscope:

The horoscope of the New Moon in Scorpio features the Sun/Moon conjunction in a sextile aspect to both rulers: Pluto and Mars. A sextile aspect is a building aspect, it is an aspect that helps us all create, build, and work with a smile on our daces. We enjoy what we do and we see the fruits of labor growing slowly and steadily.

AcruxThe eclipse is at the 11° Scorpio, where the fixed star Acrux is found. This fixed star is the star that can be found in many charts of those that deal with the mysteries of creation, of understanding what cannot be understood in regular words.

At the same time, Mercury in Retrograde is conjunct the north node. This combination can help all of you to get in touch with your essence, with the parts of your mind that are there to serve you and others. You all have so much knowledge, so many talents, and many who read this also have a lot of mystical experiences from this and other lifetimes.

This combination of Mercury conjunct the North node and the prominence of Acrux (and Venus is near the Galactic center in Sagittarius) is the energy that can help all of you combine those unique talents that you have in daily life, to come out of your hiding and say your truth, this time without paying a high price for your truth, but rather, the other way around – you will be rewarded for saying what you see, and what you feel and what you think.


The new moon takes place on November 3, 12:46 GMT, 11° of Scorpio.

Solar eclipse Nov 13

If you have any personal planet in the 11° of any of the fixed signs, you can expect major changes in your life. Please remind yourself that all those changes are for the best. The games you were playing in your relationships, and in your issues with money have become old. You are ready to advance to the next level were new games are played: games of sharing, of intimacy, and of co-creation.



2 Responses to “New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio Horoscope: November 2013”

  1. Very good information on the effects of Eclipse in Scorpio sign. With due regards – I wish to add that the eclipse is connected to NORTH NODE and it is likely to create undue ambitious for material comforts. This can be checked with the connection of Scorpio with house cusps in individual birth charts.

    Posted by Prof. C S Rao | November 2, 2013, 11:50 pm
    • Thank you for this comment. I agree in general, but from my interaction with the people that read these posts, I see that what they truly desire is the intimacy aspect of Scorpio. That higher aspect of Scorpio that has so much depth, real love and the ability to share this with a special someone. It is this side of Scorpio they are looking for (more than money).

      Posted by Admin | November 3, 2013, 10:33 am

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