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New Moon (Solar Eclipse) in Taurus Horoscope: May 10, 2013

The eclipse season is full on with this Solar Eclipse is Taurus. An eclipse always brings with it surprises and revelations, and this one will not be different. The theme that will dominate this eclipse is no surprise – it is Money!

Let’s face it, money is not managed well by any country around the world right now. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the pursuit of what money can buy is full on. Taurus as a sign does not care much about money, it does stimulate all of our desires, and the predominant desire for most people is …Money.

So, we all want more of it, yet for some reason we cannot get our hands on it. What we all forgot along the way is that money is the means to get something else, and the biggest problem with money right now is that it became the goal instead of the mean through which we obtain what we want.

Unfortunately, this is not going to change. Even though the figure of the eclipse is a positive one, you can still expect some shakeups in the financial markets around the world, my guess is that we are on our way towards another collapse which will reveal another pyramid type of a scheme, and this time involving what is called the futures market.

The Taurus influence at its best can help all of our financial markets. We are paying the price of “short term profits”, which ruled in the past 20 years or so, and there are still so many who are investing or planning for the short term, trying to maximize profits. The good and healthy Taurus energy is the one that helps build business for the long run. It helps people produce products and services that have some real value in them, that do offer something worthwhile to the customers. The basics of economy:  being in business by selling something valuable that keeps its value for the long run.

Taurus also has patience, the sign of agriculture of planting a seed, and letting time do its magic of growing that seed in its own time and pace, harvesting the fruits when they are ready. This new moon is the time to plant the seeds of long term projects, with the knowing that whatever we want, we will eventually get if we have the patience to wait for them when they come, and at the same time allowing ourselves to do what is necessary for that growth.

The new moon takes place on May 10, 00:28 GMT, 19° of Taurus.

solar eclipse taurus

The horoscope of the new moon features the Sun/Moon conjunction with Mercury and Mars trailing in Taurus. Venus is just entering Gemini, and almost all the planets are in harmonious aspects.

The emphasis on Taurus supports long term planning, long term projects, and more than that it will help us see what it is in our personal lives that have real value in it. Taurus harbors talents, values, and comfort – so this is a good time to buy things that will serve us well, while increasing their value over time.

The interesting part of this figure is Jupiter solitary in Gemini. When Jupiter is not in the game, we lack hope, we lack the feeling of expansion, and at the same time we do not exaggerate, we do not gamble and we have more patience.

Overall, this new moon will support honesty and real hard work, it will also support stubbornness and keeping to one’s boundaries.


Element: Earth

Modality: Fixed

Ruler: Venus

House: 2nd House

Taurus is known in Astrology for many attributes. This time I would like to concentrate on one of its attributes, the energy of desire. One of the best ways to get anyone moving is to make him or her desire something. We usually think of desire as sexual desire, but here I am referring to anything that we want for ourselves, it may or may not be attached to someone else.

Taurus new moonWhen we want something we go out of our comfort zone and do what is needed to get it. We might get it by lying and deceiving, steeling or any of those means, we might get it by working hard towards it, and get enriched by that process. This is the right way of life: growing within, working for something, learning and experiencing on our way to get it, and in that way we get so much more than just the object itself.

Many people born with Taurus moon or ascendant or Sun have many talents. But, to enjoy those talents and to profit from them, they must put in a lot of practice, learning and working, and only then they can share their natural talent with the rest of us – enriching themselves and others.

They have the patience, they have the endurance, and they are able to follow their course to get to where they want to be. We all have Taurus inn our charts, we all know desire very well, the question is what we do with those desires.

Desire that comes from the heart and is supported by the rest of us, can and do become our gift to ourselves and to the world.

This solar eclipse is the tie to feel your deepest desire for You (something that is NOT dependent on anyone else), and allow yourself to taste the way to get it.


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