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2013 horoscopes

Pisces Horoscope 2013

Overall Pisces Horoscope 2013

The year 2013 is a year that will be different to Pisceans. Neptune in the early degrees of Pieces brings with it high hopes, inspirations and heightened imagination, but its lofty ideals can seem removed from everyday life. Many Pisceans will find themselves dreaming of a better world, yet find it hard to cope with everyday life’s demands.

Pisceans born between March 20-March 24 will experience a year they cannot define. Many will go through hard sobering, some will refuse to accept life as it is and look for escape means.

The year 2013 is a year in which the energies will benefit those Pisceans able to communicate through art, and through healing. Pisceans who prefer to keep to themselves will feel very lonely, and will need to find a way to connect to this changing world.

Many Pisceans who have high ideals will want to go and make a change in the world, yet their efforts will not be easily accepted by others. This is not a discouragement, but rather an encouragement to keep on helping others, and doing good even though it is not easy.

Career Horoscope Pisces 2013

2013 is not the year to make major career changes for the Pisceans. Even if work is hard, there is no guarantee that there is something better waiting for you around the corner.

Pisceans in the communication fields, arts and education can further their career in 2013. Their way of tapping into the feelings of the masses will bring them rewards. Yet again, this will not be an easy task, but rather one that demands their concentration and some insistence.

The year 2013 will favor those Pisceans who are able to hold their own ground. Anyone who is running a career on hopes, dreams and wishes will see those crumble, while those who do have some genuine skill or product can have a good productive year.

As much as possible, all Pisceans should build or keep their careers on solid grounds this year. Don’t believe any promises that cannot be backed up, sign contracts and don’t settle for a hand shake. The same goes both ways, Pisceans should not promise or commit to projects they cannot deliver.

Relationships Horoscope Pisces 2013

In the year 2013 many other signs will seek the Pisceans. They will want their affection, their unconditional love, and their ability to accept. Pisceans love to love, and many times are taken advantage on in relationships. So, all Pisceans should watch out.

Many many Pisceans will experience a year in which relationships will be the biggest issue. Some will find true love, others will find all others kinds of love, some will get their hearts broken – yet it will seem impossible to keep their hearts to themselves.

Single Pisceans should check well who they are dating to see if they are who they present themselves to be. Attached Pisceans can have a year in which they deepen their relationships, but must take care not to be the side who deceives their spouses.

Direction for Pisces 2013

2013 is a in which Pisceans feel torn between the overall chaos energies. Some will want to help people in need, but will not know where to start and where to best direct their energies. Other Pisceans will see people coming to them for advice and support, and will need to know how to be there for other people without draining themselves.

In 2013 Pisceans will be more themselves than in past years. For good or bad, all the tendencies of connection to other dimensions (through meditation or through drugs), will be more apparent.

Caring for all the suffering souls out there will be a wish for many Pisceans and at the same time, as happens a lot with many Pisceans they miss helping and being there for those near and dear.

Pisceans should consciously connect to their everyday reality with its demands as much as they can in 2013, grounding and staying in touch with the people in their immediate surrounding will make this easier to live and even fun and rewarding.


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2 Responses to “Pisces Horoscope 2013”

  1. this prediction sucks…pisces have suffered long enough and 2013 WILL BRING ABUNDANCE FOR US NOW!

    To all pisceans, BELIEVE the best is yet to come. 2013 will be the best year ever! This is OUR time and we will have more opportunities, love, wealth and anything else we want!

    Posted by BB | January 20, 2013, 8:36 pm


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