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2015 horoscopes

Pisces Horoscope 2015

Overall Pisces Horoscope 2015

2015 has two phases for those born in Pisces. The first part of the year is very much the same at it was last year, life is flowing on its own, and you are swimming with it. Then will come the Fall of 2015 and will force many of you to wake up and make a few decisions, or take action.

In almost all those cases someone near you will ask you for those changes, or will get sick and you will be the ones to take care of them, maybe someone will get a job offer that will move you all. No matter where the wake up call is coming from, it is probably not directed directly to you, but your life will be very much influenced.

Pisceans born on Feb 24-Feb 29 will experience a year in which they fill like their life is not under their control, feeling weak and unable to meet the harsh daily demands life at this age place on all of us. The good side to this is an increased sense of belonging.

Overall 2015 can be a neutral year for many Pisceans. Many others will see their lives taking a turn decided for them by those who are close to them.

Career Horoscope Pisces 2015

Overall the energies of 2015 for Pisceans do have disruptions in them. Something in the work place is being changed, it could be a small move to a different position, it could mean working different hours, it could be that you will be looking for something less demanding, or that you are forced, because of a family situation to make a change.

In the second part of the year you should all be very careful with your finances. This is a time when those born in Pisces should not make any investments, or believe anyone selling them a dream that they know is too real to be true. It is the time to realize that many of your dreams are exactly that; dreams.

It is a good year to be creative, but do not expect anything in return for this creativity in this year, it will take a while to meet with your daily life. For those of you who have the option – it is better not to change your jobs in 2015. If you must, than go for something similar to what you know, don’t try to change your profession this year.

Relationships Horoscope Pisces 2015

In 2015 you will realized how much your relationships are defining for you who you are, where you are, and what you do. Many of you will find themselves suddenly in deep commitments they don’t remember taking on themselves.

There will be no problem for any Piscean to find love during 2015, the problem will be to find someone who is honest and true to their word. Even then, many of you attract people who do not lie to you about their habits, but rather let you in advance that there are some issues in their lives. You, convinced that your love will make a huge difference still try to save them, and find yourself drawing with them. 2015 is a potential year for such a relationship.

You will want to heal more people in 2015, but will have to find out that many simply do not want to be healed.

Pisces Astrology Direction for  2015

2015 is a year that starts well, but as the months progress, many of you will feel as if you are waking up to a new reality that you did not plan. Turning back in many cases will actually be the worse option, making a fresh start could do you good in the long run.

Don’t make too many plans in 2015, others will make them for you. Trying to insist on your own plans will not be the best option for you as well, many of your plans will not fit into the reality you are in, and the small steps that you make are actually pulling you in a different direction.

All Pisceans will experience some hard times in the next Fall, having to adjust, do much more, and take care of others. You are being reminded that sometimes love is when you all go through a bit of a challenge, yet stay together, and know that this is the real love.


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