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2016 horoscope

Pisces Horoscope 2016

Overall Pisces Horoscope 2016

The first half of 2016 may feel as if you are swimming upstream, and the currents are too strong for you. From September to the end of the year, the energy is far easier for you to manage.

The overall energies of the world are similar to your vibration, but there is a part of you are that is used to being different, that it would be unsettling to see and experience everybody behave like you normally do.

Your reaction to these energies is hard to predict: some of you will drift into a dream world and spend your time fantasizing of a better future (and present), others will realize that was used to be a habit is now an addiction, others will sober up, mature and take responsibility, others will just wait for the storm to pass and remain as they are.

Pisceans born on Feb 28-Mar 02 might experience a year in which creativity and inspiration will flow easily, but the daily management of the details of life will be harder than the usual.

For many Pisceans 2016 could be a year in which the mundane details that make up the daily lives of all of us will seem so demanding, even a bit overwhelming. Others will find new ways to cope with life. Faith will be your best ally for this year.

Career Horoscope Pisces 2016

There is a potential to encounter obstacles in your careers in 2016, specifically around springtime.  New demands, or the realization that even though you were promised something you will not get it, or just difficult people around. The best advice is to wait to the end of the summer before you initiate a change in your career.

There is potential to have a hard time combining a career with the demands coming from home and family, there could be a feeling of being torn apart between the two. Please remember that those home and health demands will lessen next year.

There is also a possibility for Pisceans to feel as if they are in the wrong place, and start thinking of a change. This is not an easy year for a new beginning, but rather a year in which it is best to stay where you are, if that is possible.

Relationships Horoscope Pisces 2016

Relationships could potentially be demanding in the coming year. Many Pisceans might feel that their immune system is suffering from too much of everything, and they will want more time to rest. Being a bit too self-absorbed does not help relationships. Other Pisceans might need to take care of others who are suffering from health issues, also leaving very little time or love and passion.

Single Pisceans have the potential to find real love this year, love that does not feel like magic, but rather like something solid to hold on to, the attached Pisceans could react to the energies by retreating into themselves this year, and their relationship will go through changes as a result.

From September to the end of the year, relationships can become much better, with many willing to make commitments, and others enjoying the return of a bit of the passion to their love life.

Pisces Astrology Direction for  2016

Many born in Pisces rely on their luck and their charm to smooth their way in life. This year those talents might fail a bit. This is the year in which staying true to your word becomes an issue. It is and not a good year to take any risks, or wait for an angel to show up and grant you your wishes.

Many are already feeling that their dreams are drifting far away from their reach, and maybe this will be a very good year to re-consider your wishes and your desires, because many of you can be far happier just by giving up false hope.

Many will mature even if they do not recognize it during this year, many will strengthen their faith. Hold on to your faith because this will be your stepping stone for the year.


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