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2015 horoscopes

Sagittarius Horoscope 2015

Overall Sagittarius horoscope 2015

This year will different for different Sagittarians. Those born in the first part of Sagittarius will have a major year, filled with challenges (good and bad), the need to take responsibility and make commitments.

Those born in the middle of Sagittarius will only fill a small plummet in their energy levels starting in the Fall, but will not be faced with too much this year, it would all come next year.

Those born in the last part of Sagittarius will have a year that is very similar to last one. For them, too, the big changes will come in 2016.

The first part of the year (until the summer) will flow similar to last year, the second part of the year already has some adjustments in it, for many of you, it is the time to start managing your life on your own.

Career horoscope Sagittarius 2015

For anyone born between Nov 23 – Dec 03, there will be a major shift in your career. Now is the time to start that business, to do something to get the promotion. In many respects this is a time of maturing, and looking for yourself to do the work, and for others to do it for you.

All Sagittarians will learn more and more this year that their career is in their hands. If they want to work more, they will see those results in increased income. Many others, though, will decide that their free time is far more important than a small increase in their income, and will manage to find the work that suits them better in this regard.

Some will become very ambitious wand will push themselves, others will become experts in enjoying freedom and will set an example of how this can be done.

Overall, the career is entirely in your hands to make the decisions. If you are looking for work you will probably easily find it, if you are looking for more free time, you can find that easily as well.


Relationships horoscope Sagittarius 2015

Those born between Nov 23 – Dec 03, are having a year in which commitments are being made, or a year in  which commitments are dissolving and braking apart. The feeling is that you cannot force yourself to do anything. You cannot force yourself apart, you cannot force yourself to stay – and yet some decision is being made and followed.

All Sagittarians will find love coming to seek them, the question is do they want to reciprocate that love. Love coming to seek you doesn’t necessarily mean the boy of your dreams; it means someone who wants you. Your feeling towards them can be quite different.

Relationship will surprise you this year, for both good and bad. You can never really predict what others will do or feel, and you will all find out about that this year.


Sagittarius Astrology Direction for  2015

For many of you this will be a bit of a confusing year. You are not so sure what it is that you want. Do you want that big job that gives you a nice title and income, but robs you of all your free time? Do you want to step out of the race, and allow yourself to have whatever is necessary to sustain you and have fun the rest of time. You are not sure and your friends and family are not helping at all.

Many Sagittarians are in the process of learning to make choices for themselves, realizing that waiting for others is boring, and gets them down. They will simply not play along with other people’s ideas and plans.

The second part of the year is a time in which many will wake up from some of their dreams, finding the whole day dreaming activity as one that is taking too much time, and now is the time to do less of it.

Overall this is an interesting year.

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