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2016 horoscope

Sagittarius Horoscope 2016

Overall Sagittarius Horoscope 2016

This is the year with the potential of growing up for many Sagittarians. With Saturn transiting your sign, responsibilities mount up, and you feel the pressure to prove yourselves. The majority of you could realize that now is the time for commitments and may cooperate with the Saturn energy to build solid foundations in your lives.

In this year you may come face to face with your tendency to avoid unpleasant situations in life, none of your maneuvers will work, and philosophy will not aid you in dealing with the everyday demands that you will be faced with. The only solution to this will be facing and dealing with each issue as best as you can.

The Saturn energy can bring you all that you have always wanted, but with a lot of work and responsibility attached to it. It can also show you where you have neglected too much in the past, and now have to face the consequences.

Those born between Nov. 30th and Dec 4th will also deal with the Neptune energy that tends to dissolve structures in your lives, and leave you with faith alone.

It is a very important year for almost all of you, one in which your intuitive ability will be there to guide you, but it will not be easy to find the quiet space needed for that clarity. You will shift between moments of clarity and knowingness on what is right for you, and moments when you feel that you would like to just give up.

Career Horoscope Sagittarius 2016

This is the year in which many of you may get the opportunity to promote yourselves, yet this extra responsibility will require a lot of growing up, and a lot of hard work. Many of you will feel as if childhood is over, and you are now the responsible adult.

Many of you will find yourselves dealing with authority, you may realize that now is the time to find a new job, you may need to change your job because of changes in the company, others will become the boss themselves, and will realize the demands that accompany the new position.

Many of you may feel as if the luck and the charm that always accompanied you recedes now, and you have to come up with the rest of your talents to advance your career.

This year can make a huge difference in your career, as long as you realize your responsibilities, and play according to the rules. If you try to take any shortcuts, you could miss on the opportunity.

Relationships Horoscope Sagittarius 2016

In 2016 you have the potential to make a commitment. Many think about getting married in such years, or becoming parents. Single Sagittarians may meet people that will demand commitment.

Others may want to break up their marriage in this year of facing realities, you could realize that you do not want to spend your later years with this person and therefore decide to go through the heartbreak of separation. There are also those Sagittarians who will let others decide for them.

Others may face with family issues that will affect relationships, it could be that parents or children will not easily accept a choice of partners and you will feel torn between them. Remember that this is only for this year, and next year will be easier.

Sagittarius Astrology Direction for  2016

The feeling of the beginning of 20162016, could be of being stuck, and the realization that your ways of dealing with life need to upgrade. Many of you may suddenly realize that they are grownups and need to behave accordingly, others who rely of faith and luck will have to start relying on their talents and hard work instead.

With Jupiter transiting in Virgo, this is the year of dealing with the small details of your lives. The type of issues you usually avoid will mount until you deal with them, whether you like it or not.

The best outcome of such years is that you find yourselves in a much safer place by the end of the year, you have the potential to realize that you do not need to wait for a lucky break since you have already worked hard to get what you want and deserve.


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