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Scorpio Compatibility

scorpio-compatibilityScorpio Woman

She is deep, surprising and never to be taken for granted, and she is worth the effort. She wants totality; she is looking for a deeper connection, a feeling of eternity. She expects understanding without words and she never forgets anything. The man who wins her gets a deep lasting relationship.

Scorpio Man

He does not trust anybody, and it is hard to trust him. He hears everything, remembers everything uses this to surprise those who are around him. He is capable of seducing almost anybody, and he has to be the one that makes the decisions. The one that passes through the loyalty tests gains lasting passion.

Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpios are protective of their privacy, jealously guarding their secrets and their relationships, that is very hard to capture in words the wave of feelings that swamps anyone who starts a relationship with a Scorpio. The cliché is that they are the best lover, and this one holds true in real life.

With Aries they can have a competitive relationship, with either Aquarius or Leo there is to be expected a major control war that can last for a very long time. With Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces there can be a connection based on moods. Gemini tires the Scorpios, while with Sagittarius they hit off great, but may not last. Libras get a good chance of getting along, while Taurus posses a major challenge, but a great economic match. The Virgo or Capricorn can stay by proving their loyalty.


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