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2015 horoscopes

Scorpio Horoscope 2015

Scorpio Overall Horoscope 2015:

2015 will feel like the “year after”. In 2014 you have made big decisions, you have worked beyond what you thought you could, you have tackled financial difficulties, and relationship issues. You have let many people go out of your lives, all those that just don’t belong in your current reality.

Therefore 2015 will feel like a bit of a void. You have eliminated a lot from your life, yet you are not interested in filling those spaces with some alternative. You will feel torn between letting emptiness be, and the knowing that the empty spaces do tend to fill up on their own.

Many Scorpios have taken a lot of responsibility last year, and in this year they are mostly living up to those commitments, becoming a bit cynical, and just doing what needs to be done, slowly as the year progresses, and especially after the Summer, the joy slowly return to their lives.

Overall, this is a year in which nothing big is happening, you can direct it as you see fit. Spend you time as you want, and the overall energy is the one that says, you can relax after last year.

In the summer, when Saturn finally leaves your sign, you will feel a lot better, willing to smile again, happy to be alive, and even freer than you have felt for a while now.

Scorpio Career Horoscope 2015

2015 is a much easier year than 2014. You have started your new business, or decided on your Career, you have already made your decision, or your change, and in 2015 you will not want to think too much about your career. Many of you will want to devote some time to learning new things, or just spend more time for your hobbies, rather than your work.

Overall there should not be any major issue with your career this year, not for the worse, maybe a little bit better or at least easier. You have done a lot in 2014, and you will find that in 2015 you will have to do less to get the same results.

This is the year in which you know that there is more to life than just work, and you are learning to let those other things be in your life, without any disrespect to your current employment.

Scorpio Relationships Horoscope 2015

Last year you had experienced many relationship issues. Some of you have made commitments; others have left committed relationship that lasted many years. 2015 will be much easier.

Those of you who have re-discovered freedom will not want to make a commitment, but rather find partners who are independent on their own and do not demand too much of you. Those of you have stayed in your relationship will enjoy an easy year, one without too much drama, discussions or hurt feelings.

It is the time to be friends, not only lovers, it is the time to talk nonsense instead of all those heavy discussions. It is the time to have some fun together and not worry about where this is going to.

Scorpio Astrology Direction 2015

The weight you are carrying is slowly getting lighter, or you are getting used to carrying it. Overall this is not the year to make major changes in, unless you were born between Nov 21 – Nov 23. All the others have already made their decision, and now will not be the time for regrets, but rather for looking forward with confidence in yourselves.

2015 will be the year when you stop thinking about your mistakes, and just focus on what it is that you want to do in the future. Doing for yourself, not for others, not for your career, not even to improve your financial situation, just the things that you enjoy doing. You will be more social than the past two years, you will go out of your hiding places into the world, able to be there for others if they need you, not haunted by those agonizing thoughts.

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