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New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE in Pisces Horoscope: March 20, 2015

Solar eclipse in PiscesThe Eclipse that ENDS!

The eclipse on March 20th, few hours before the start of the new Astrological year, in the last degree of the zodiac is an eclipse of endings.

The sign Pisces holds the promise of unity, of the full understanding that we are all one, and that one day human beings will realize that and stop their fights. This New Moon emphasizes the in-explicable nature of Pisces: being an individual, and at the same time being a part of something larger than that.


World events:

If we check history for similar eclipses, we find the last one in 1662, a period in history that is not notable, mainly since there was no war going on at the time, but rather there was a slow progress of human civilization across the continents.

And this is what this eclipse in 2015 is all about. If we take the larger perspective of world affairs,  It is not about who wins another war, it is not about who has the strongest army, it is not about who is the richest or most powerful. This eclipse will usher in a new way of deciding who is better than the other – and the new measuring system will be based on who has the overall better society. Which country offers its citizens better schools, employment, health care, transportation and all those boring issues that make life so much easier when they are carried on without too much corruption.

It may sounds too good to be true, but even a small step in that direction can make the quality of life so much better for so many.

Since the beginning of the Uranus-Pluto square two years ago we have witnessed the usual power struggles we are so used to witnessing:  The US uses power to keep the oil pumping, ISIS uses power because they don’t know any other way, Israel uses power to hold on to territory, and all of them have lost far more than they have gained in the overall perspective.

This eclipse, and the lunar eclipse that will follow in April 4th will bring down a few world leaders, notably those that use fear as their base of power. Those who promise their people the glory of ancient times gained by force, will find that no one believes them anymore, and that their actions are suddenly considered criminal by the masses, and have no legitimacy that they used to have only two years ago.

Personal Events:

In the last few months, especially since the Oct. 24th eclipse, many who read this have experienced the need to end issues in their lives. It no longer matters if you win the battle, if you got what you wanted, if you have the upper hand – you simply do not care anymore about being on top. What you want is to be free, what you want is to stop many conflicts that haunt you, what you want is to allow yourself the expression and the joy, and if no one else is coming with you, that you will go at it on your own.

Many of you have been waiting for other people to agree with you, to come with you on your next adventure, to support you, or at least cheer you along your way. This eclipse on a very personal basis marks the time when you stop waiting for others.


The Solar Eclipse Horoscope:

new moon Pisces 2015

The horoscope of the New Moon in Pisces features the Sun/Moon conjunction with no real aspects to any other planets. It is as if the personality, meaning you and everybody else gets a few hours of feeling as if you are on your own in this world.

For many of us this is our greatest fear: Feeling all alone, nobody else to cling to, nobody else to blame, nobody else to wait for – just me and my stories. When there is nobody else around those stories seem exactly that – stories.

The rest of the horoscope features Mars strong in Aries, Venus strong in Taurus: it doesn’t matter if you are a female or a male, you are who you are.

The Uranus – Pluto exact square ushers in the final clearings of the old, and in this Horoscope, it is Uranus that gets support from Jupiter, meaning that the new seems less frightening all of a sudden.

Mercury in Pisces conjunct Neptune makes talking and explaining very hard, but helps the intuitive, dreamy side of all of us to just be what it is.


New Moon:

Normally, a new moon is a good time to begin, or plant the seeds. But not in this one. This new moon is the one in which it is best to not plan ahead, or ask for anything. It is best to just let things morph on their own, and in any case you will probably want something else in about two-three months.


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