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Leo Horoscope 2016

Overall Leo┬áHoroscope 2016 2016 has the kind of energies you usually do not get along with. The emphasis is on the mutable signs, and you find that any time you try hard to get something, it gets pushed away from you even further. You may need to be far more flexible this year in your […]


Leo Compatibility

Leo Woman She wants a lot of romance, she wants to be wooed, she wants the feeling of a Hollywood movie in her relationship, and she wants to be in control. She wants a lot, and usually what she wants, wins. Underneath all the drama there is a remarkably loyal woman. Leo Man He loves […]


Leo Horoscope 2015

Leo Overall Horoscope 2015: 2015 meets you with high hopes, enthusiasm, and opportunities knocking by, this will continue until August. Jupiter transit in your sign lifts the spirit for many of you, feeling you with love of life, ideas about traveling, and getting a better life. Those of you who are indeed looking to immigrate […]


Leo in esoteric astrology

    Ray Name Constellation Leo I Will or Power Constellation Leo V Concrete Science Orthodox Ruler Sun II Love-Wisdom Esoteric Ruler Sun II Love-Wisdom   People born in Leo come under the influence of the 1st ray of will or power and its subsidiary 5th ray of concrete science that are pouring into the […]


Leo Horoscope 2014

Leo Overall Horoscope 2014: The second part of 2014 will be great for many people born in Leo. In the past few years you were looking for opportunities, for ways to get ahead, for the love of life that you so desire and seem to elude you. The first part of year is not easy, […]


Leo Horoscope 2013

Overall Horoscope Leo 2013 This year will favor the Leos that have done real work in the past few years, and will be more difficult on the Leos that have hopes and dreams but have not done their share in working towards making those, manifest. In a way, many Leos will get back what they […]

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