Leo Horoscope 2016

Overall Leo Horoscope 2016

2016 has the kind of energies you usually do not get along with. The emphasis is on the mutable signs, and you find that any time you try hard to get something, it gets pushed away from you even further.

You may need to be far more flexible this year in your attitude to life, and examine your expectations from situations. Many of you still wait for a glorious moment where everything goes just as you like it, and the best thing you can do, is to stop waiting for that to happen. You may find yourselves doing a few different things rather than concentration on one at a time as you like, but this is only for one year, and next year you will be able to return to your usual focus.

It is a year in which you will probably have to accommodate to other people, especially when it comes to everybody’s busy schedules. You have a way of taking your time in a royal manner, but this can aggravate other people who are used to a faster pace.

If possible, it is best not to make major changes this year, since again, you may expect one thing and realize too late that you are getting something else.

It is a year to continue with what has worked for you well in the past, continued learning, and if possible, more free time to simply enjoy life.

Career Horoscope Leo 2016

Last year gave many of you a promotion, or a nudge towards a new direction. This year it is best to stay where you are, and concentrate on what you do, rather than what you wish you could have done.

The mature Leos will know when they see promises that cannot be real, will know how to direct themselves and their colleagues towards a sane progress, the immature Leos will try to take short cuts, will believe hoaxes, and will learn the hard way that getting ahead takes time.

The nice advice for this year is to put all your goals aside, and just take one day at a time, if you try to push too hard for a goal, it would seem as if you are only moving in the wrong direction. The same goes to office politics, you may think that people are your allies only to find out that it is not so.

Those of you who work with the young, or in the creative fields may have a very nice year, in which many projects will manifest, different then what you may have expected, but still quite good.

Relationships Horoscope Leo 2016

Sometimes when work and goals are put aside, relationships get better. This is what can happen to you this year. Your nicer side, your warmth, attention, and ability to play will do their magic this year and will improve current relationship.

Those of you who are looking for new relationships, 2016 will offer many opportunities, and could be the year of finding love, but please make sure to check who you are dating, and make sure that what they say is indeed true.

Overall this could be a year in which relationships are getting more fun, with more play in them, and not just duty. This is how Leos feel relationships should be, and they might meet someone who thinks the same. The only thing that can harm them is when the Leos insist on being the one who makes the final decision. Remember that your partner wants to have a say too.

Leo Astrology Direction for  2016

2016 is a year that is best spent with no clear goals. Flexibility will be your greatest asset, and a new ability to not insist so much on getting things done your way.

The overall energy of 2016 is fluid, less focused, and changing fast. These will also support large groups more than individuals, and other forms of gatherings in which the many are more than the self.

It is a good year for traveling, studying, and enjoying life, instead of pushing towards goals.


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