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2015 horoscopes

Taurus Horoscope 2015

Taurus Horoscope 2015 Overall:

2015 starts well for many of you. The need to prove yourselves that was so strong in 2014 will lessen, and you will not have to make all those extra efforts that were demanded of you in the past two years. For many of you, the beginning of year is the time when not much is happening, and this will suit you well .

2015 is not the year to start out in new projects or make those big changes, rather it is the year to take things easy. Many of you are still experiencing financial hardships, and those tend to teach you to cut down on your expenses. Many of you are getting more in tune with the basic Taurus energy: that energy that knows what is valuable and what is not. When you only shop for what you need, you can allow yourself to buy the best of the kind. You are becoming more selective, and getting rid of all the extra stuff that you own.

Venus Retrograde in the Summer will focus on this issue: you will have to let go of all those unnecessary show off items that you own, that don’t even suit you well anymore, and learn how to dress yourself in an appropriate way within your budget, same goes to all your other expenses.

Overall, this year is a continuation of the last, with you learning to select well where you spend your money, and what you put in your mouth.

Taurus Career Horoscope 2015

In 2015 your best option is NOT to make any major changes in your career. Many of you have managed to insist on your positions and keep them, so that now you can just relax into them. The overall energy of this year is still lacking in fun and creativity, but it does support your ability to be patient, do what needs to be done, and stay away from too much trouble.

You are still very much in demand, yet the pay does not increase, and this will probably stay the same for 2015. You are the ones who are able to make the extra effort and the right investment in the right time, when you are not pushed by others. This year in all matters of finance, remember to stay out of the markets from June until August, and besides, go only for solid investments, and don’t look for easy profits.

You will all enjoy more freedom within the position you hold, you are being trusted more and more to do your job well, less supervision, and more self direction is the tone for this year.

Taurus Relationships Horoscope 2015

In 2015 you will only want real relationships; you do not want to play games that hurt your heart and your wallet any more. You will insist on meeting people that have a similar background to yours, shared interests, and those that will not be with you just for a while, but those that are genuine in their attitude towards you. Here too, you learn how to select wisely, you will not be fooled by good looks, or by nice words. You will demand to see that those you are dating are honest people, that their words match their actions.

Those that are in committed relationships, yet feel alone in them, will find out that they are spending more time alone or with friends, yet lack the courage to dissolve their relationship, they will cut down on words, on warmth, and on spending. Those that have good relationship will enjoy 2015, the year that supports the relationships that are standing on solid ground.

Taurus Astrology Direction 2015

The overall energies in the world at 2015 will be even more of the kind that fits the Taurus point of view. The overall talk would be on long term value and no one is more representative of that than the Taurus person. People will come to learn from you how to hold on to what is real and has value in it, and how to not fall into empty promises.

Many Taurus can already see that they are almost out of debt, and what got them there was a major cut in expenses, and not trying to find any short cuts or miracles. In 2015, there is no breakthrough, it is still the slow gradual building and investing with a lot of common sense.

Take care around the Summer during the Venus Retrograde time to NOT believe any promise, and dream, or any person who makes big promises you know they can not keep.

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