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Taurus New Moon Horoscope: May 18, 2015

AlgolA new moon on the 26th degree of Taurus, conjunct the notorious fixed star Algol is upon us. No other fixed star has such a bad reputation, its name in Arabic and Hebrew translates to Satan’s Head. Capute Algol is linked with violence, and is reputed to bring out from people their demonic side: the rage that engulfs a person to the point of him looking like a monster and acting like one.

The legend in greek mythology tells the story of Medusa, a beautiful maiden who angered Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom. Medusa’s hair was turned to snakes and anyone who looked at her turned to stone. Shae was slain by Perseus, and the blinking star (Algol) is her head.


In real practice and in the 21st century astrology we do see some issues accompanying Algol in charts:


One way for this star to manifest is by pure rage over small things. sometimes you may read a news story about someone who got killed in an argument over $20 or even less. Be honest and remember a time when you got into a bad fight with someone over very little money, and your words and actions accelerated quickly into ugliness. This is one way of losing your head, with anger that starts over a small thing, and grows out of proportion until you forget everything and react violently.

Another way of losing the head is well known and very much apparent in the use of drugs and alcohol.


The new Moon Horoscope:

New Moon on May 18, 2015 05:13 GMT

New Moon Taurus May 2015


This new moon in the sign Taurus will strengthen our stubbornness. The world is changing at a greater pace than ever before, and that makes many of us feel uncertain, feel as if everything we believe in is being challenged. we feel challenged every day, all day long, and for many us the response is to try and hold on even tighter to what we know, to our routine, way of being, and attack all those new influences.

This will be indeed a challenging month, one in which nature can erupt, and more than nature, people who just can not take it anymore will erupt as well. it is easy to write and try to explain the human psyche, but if someone who is on the edge is not willing to listen, nothing will help him. the challenge for you readers will be to stop explaining to those who are not willing to hear, and step away.

Venus, the ruler of the Sun/Moon conjunction is in Cancer, strengthening the wish to return to simpler older times, the wish for changes to stop and the world would come back to the way it was when we were kids.

Mercury stationary, about to go retrograde gets everything delayed, stuck, and helps another aspect of the Algol influence: lying. people do not say the truth on purpose is the story of this new moon and will be the issue of this coming month (The full moon will also deal with this). we all got used to this in our daily lives, but even for our standards the cover ups, the public relations spins and the empty promises of public officials may be a bit too much.

With Mars, Saturn and Neptune in a T square, small actions are being criticized, delayed and misunderstood, and frustration ensues.

The nicer parts of this chart are Jupiter and Uranus In harmony to each other, and to Mercury. those two are closer in their nature to Minerva, and suggest wisdom will benefit those who have it.


This will be a month in which it seems that we are progressing backwards, the challenge and the opportunity this month is to express as much patience and persistence as you can, and of course – not losing your head.



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