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What Does He Look For? Venus in a Man’s Horoscope

Why Venus:

Venus is the planet that Seeks relationships. We are social beings, and we all look for love. Venus is the planet that tells us what a person Owns. What he calls mine (Ruler of Taurus). It could be clothes, cars, many items within the house, and can also be the people that I call mine, Who do I share my life with?

Venus in anybody’s chart will tell a lot on what choices they actually make, the way that they want to love and be loved, and the way towards growth in relationships. Venus as the ruler of Libra looks for equality, for a dependable give and take

Venus shows our ability to form and maintain relationships. Long term investments in people and in assets are under Venus’s rule. It is surprising, but Venus (as the ruler of Libra) teaches us that a loving relationship requires  common sense, more than passion, after the attraction, we are learning to love wisely with the aid of Venus.

In a man’s chart Venus will point to his sense of self worth, and therefore, the woman that will represent that to him, it will represent his own personal taste: tall, short, big chest, small ones, feet, neck, all the small details that make up what he considers to be beauty. Venus also represents the next level, that of social skills, is he looking for an outspoken or a soft spoken lady, one who is at home in 5 stars hotels, or one that likes camping?

Venus is in everybody’s chart, and in all cases it does represent the stage of opening to the other. There is a lot of choice here, especially in this era, and everyone chooses according to his Venus: someone who makes me laugh, someone who is there for me, someone who makes my heart stop, someone who makes me feel warm. Venus teaches us that the other side feelings and sense of worth are just as important. Therefore, a man’s Venus shows his capacity to be attentive, patient, and considerate.

How to find where Venus is in a Horoscope:

Go to: http://astrologywork.com/free-astrology-chart/, put in the birth details and locate ♀ in the chart. Look at the sign ♀ is in.

Venus through the signs in a man’s horoscope chart:

  • Venus in Aries – He is looking for fire and action. He likes red heads, he jumps head on into relationships without much thinking, the fights start soon after, but they are just part of the action. He learns slowly that the other person has her own needs and moods, if he stays he can keep a flame for many years alive.

-          Between the sheets: he can go at it so many times, like a young man. He iwants excitement and renewals. Stays fit into old age.

-          What to buy him: tickets to a boxing match.


-          Venus in Taurus – He is looking for someone he can depend upon. He doesn’t like too skinny, and prefers a solid look with a sensual feel. He doesn’t know what to do with someone who is moody or does too much drama of any single thing. He wants you to be independent, but do stand up to your word. He shows his feelings by doing rather than saying it in words and want you to be the same.

-          Between the sheets: He can surprise you with his sensuality, in time when he is comfortable, it gets even better.

-          What to buy him: something with a lasting value, and a good design, a good watch.

  • Venus in Gemini – He likes a trendy woman with him, someone who can hold multiple conversations at the same time. He values his freedom very much. He can like different looks at different periods in his life. He needs confirmation of his mental capabilities.

-          Between the sheets: he likes to talk, wants you to be open and communicative.

-          What to buy him: tickets to the movies.


  • Venus in Cancer – He likes the motherly type, large breasts, able to give a warm hug. He is loyal in his own way, and is deeply emotional, though not always sure what to do with all this feeling going around. He needs a family atmosphere around him.

-          Between the sheets: he likes to hug and be hugged.

-          What to buy him: Cook him dinner


  • Venus in Leo – He is looking for someone who stands out. He wants her to be good looking with a strong presence. He likes drama in the relationship, and to be able to come and go as he pleases. He makes sure that he has control in the relationship, in the manly role. He needs to go out and have a good time.

-          Between the sheets: Very romantic with gestures of kindness alternating to self absorption.

-          What to buy him: He will go for a romantic getaway


  • Venus in Virgo – He is very critical, he doesn’t realize that his remarks are hurtful. He is a bit hypochondriac. He likes the classy look, nothing too flashy. When he is in a relationship, he does a lot for you, and remembers things for you. He needs to be needed.

-          Between the sheets: Very technical at first, but after a while can turn on sensuality and caring.

-          What to buy him: A nice Time piece, a set of tools.


  • Venus in Libra – He is looking for classy good looking woman, with good manners, dresses well, and can hold herself well in society.  He needs to be in love, and requires admiration. He loves to talk and debate.

-          Between the sheets: He needs to know that you are with him on the same level, looking for big love.

-          What to buy him: Concert tickets.


  • Venus in Scorpio – He is looking for someone mysterious. He wants an intensive relationship, in which deep feelings are being explored together. He is attracted to women with sex appeal around them. He will never forgive or forget a lie.

-          Between the sheets: Great stamina, like to explore tantra, would like to transform through sex.

-          What to buy him: Something with a highly emotional value, listen to what he tells you about himself and buy him something accordingly.

  • Venus in Sagittarius – He is looking for a free spirit that would let him stay a free spirit. He wants an outgoing person who is unafraid. He likes the healthy type that shows that she is fit and spends time in the sun. He needs openness, and someone who can enrich his mind.

-          Between the sheets: Undependable, and very susceptible to moods.

-          What to buy him: Trip to Vegas, or a meditations weekend retreat.


  • Venus in Capricorn – he is looking for someone who has a career of her own, he needs her to support his career, be loyal to him and his goal, respectful to his family. He is attracted to women in suits.

-          Between the sheets: conventional, gets better over time.

-          What to buy him: Get something for his mother.


  • Venus in Aquarius – he is looking for someone who is different, dresses differently, talks in her own way, and has a life of her own. He needs to feel equal to her, and be friends first of all. He could be a bit confusing when it comes to deep love, since its hard for him to express feelings.

-          Between the sheets: He is either very conventional, or can go to the extreme.

-          What to buy him: Technology oriented gifts.


  • Venus in Pisces – He likes the dreamy type, prefers to hold a flame to someone who cannot be his, likes to feel divine love, and it’s hard for him to take it to the earthy levels. He can be compassionate to strangers, but not see the needs of those around him.

-          Between the sheets: Very tender, very susceptible to moods, can be divine but hard to maintain over time.

-          What to buy him: a donation to a charity under his name.


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