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2015 horoscopes

Virgo Horoscope 2015

Virgo Overall Horoscope 2015:

Many Virgos have been going through some tough time these past few years, yet the second half of 2015 will allow many of them to remember to enjoy life more. It seems as if Virgos are continually taking care of others, and if no one else is sick, they become sick themselves.

2015 starts off the same way, but during the year something changes, and many people will not be as demanding towards the Virgos as they have been before. The question for the Virgos is how would they spend their new found free time. It is up to each Virgo to decide if they are filling the times with worries, or with something else.

The second part of the year will be confusing to many of you. You will feel Jupiter’s optimism and promises, but at the same time you want facts and reality, not the high hopes and dreams.

The Mercury retrogrades Late January, late May, and late September. Those tend to be the times when you want to make changes, but than regret them. The May retrograde is the one in which few of you will make their big change, or at least start the process of moving, or improving your life in some way.

Virgos born between Aug 29 to Sep 2 will feel the influence of Neptune in Pieces, will experience the need to rest more, take care of themselves (instead of others), will feel the need to connect with faith or anything that provides healing and relaxation that is probably offered by alternative medicine, or alternative study, or simply in your local Church.

Virgo Career Horoscope 2015

The year starts similar to last year, with many of you feeling a bit bored, looking for something more and not knowing what that something is. Your work pace is actually slowing, together with everybody else.

In late summer, beginning of the fall you will want to either learn something new, or just change your job, and that would be an excellent time to get ahead, and do what you have been dreaming to do for a while.

Those of you who are interested in changing your work, will have an opportunity either free lancing as a second job, or jumping ahead and making a change. Be careful and make sure that the new work has foundation, and that you are not falling into big promises that amount to nothing.

Virgo Relationships Horoscope 2015

The first part of 2015 will be very similar to last year in your relationships.

The second part of 2015 will be a good time to meet new people, get out of your usually ways, and allow yourselves to connect with people from different cultures or places, and maybe even find love in those unexpected places.

You will all want to revive your relationship, get away from all the mundane things and add some romance to your life, this will get stronger towards late September.

Many of you will want a bit more free time for yourself to either study, rest, or even a bit of daydreaming. In most cases you will find your partners very supportive of this.

Virgo Astrology Direction 2015

Overall 2015 Is a year you allow yourself to try new things. You will go about this cautiously, and slowly, but yet you will enjoy challenging yourself with new ideas, learning, people and hobbies.

This is the year in which you feel like you are opening your mind, allowing other ideas and experiences to be a part of your life, and if not yours, than those will become a part of the life of the people around you. It is a good time to heal past wounds, and stop fixing what cannot be fixed.


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