I (want to) Achieve – The 10th house in Astrology

tenth house astrologyThe tenth house in the horoscope represents your ambitions. The title that you acquire through years of work and taking part in the society that you find yourself in. It refers to status, to contribution to the community. In the 10th house we take responsibility, deal with authority, and with successes and failures.

The 10th house is placed the highest in the chart. It is the most visible place in the chart following the ascendant.  The astrological sign that opens up the 10th house is a good indicator to your chosen career, and many of the choices and opportunities you pursue in your life are shown there. This is the placement of your reputation for good or bad. In most cases reputation is built by your actions and conducts over time, and is not as flimsy as many would like to think.

For centuries, the career, or the work we do determines to a large part of our outer identity. How much respect we get, how we are treated by the society at large, and the role that we get to play on the everyday work environment. The 10th house is NOT the house of money. People can have a great career in the government, organizations, and schools, they might get high esteem but not cash in on that. This could be the case of mothers who are highly respected by the community, and still struggle to make ends meet.

The 10th house in the horoscope is where each of us personally feels the feelings of success and its other side: failure. This feeling is highly subjective, and is determined by each person’s aspirations and definitions of what success really is, and their own way of measuring whether they achieved it or not.

In charts with a strong 10th house, we see many times people that choose to serve the public, via government, police, courts, social workers, and all those people whose daily job is to maintain a working society. Authority in this case can be great when it helps the weak, when it protects against crime, and when it offers opportunity to hard working, honest people. The other hand of authority is seen around the world as oppressive regimes that sponsor the rich and ignore basic rights of everybody else.

In reincarnation terms, this is the house that is mostly concerned with taking responsibility. The is looking to play the role of the mature. What is being mature: taking responsibility for your own actions, participating in the society, sharing your particular talent (usually through work), and standing up to your tasks. These are high words but they refer to every school teacher, to every customer support agent, to every plumber, or basically to anyone who goes to work.

Planets in the 10th house will bring you situations that will test your ability to do what is expected of you, even if you don’t feel like it. Situations where your reputation and career are being built, but more important maintained by your willingness to mature, lead, and take responsibility. There are no short cuts for anything in the 10th house.

Planets in the tenth house in the horoscope:

Sun in the 10th  house: You will identify with your career to a large extent, and achieving a success in your chosen field will be highly important to you. you are ambitious, and you would like to be the boss where you find yourself. in many cases you will get to a managerial/leadership position, but like everything in the 10th house, it will take many long years of effort to get there. You want status symbols, and titles that will prove to you that you have elevated your social status, and will work hard for esteem. It is not the money that drives you, but rather the feeling of achievement.

The soul is in a process of maturing. It is interested in learning how to play the role of the manager/leader.


Moon in the 10th house: You feel best when you are in work, especially if you have a managerial role. You will experience emotional growth, and the lessons of responsible reaction to personal situations that arise in the workplace. You will feel best when you have a role that serves the public at large. Your moods will be determine by what happened at work.

The soul is maturing its emotional reactions to places where authority, responsibility and maturity are needed.

Mercury in the 10th house: You will have a career that involves changes, fast paced environment, a lot of travel, and meeting many many people. You love having more than one job at a time, and you will jump from one career to the next when you feel even slightly bored.

The soul wants to experience its communication skills as part of a career, and image, this way; those will mature as the years go by.

10th house astrology
Venus in the 10th house: You have charisma and charm, your manners in society are always tailored to the environment. You want to be esteemed, and value other’s opinions’ about you. you value good manners. You will thrive in a career that involves visibility, and image building.

The soul wants to practice right conduct, and doing it “right” in close relationships.


Mars in the 10th house: You will have a career with a lot of action, you will be attracted to work in armed forces, sports, or any high action, a bit dangerous work (that includes career in crime). You are known for your short temper, you will face the need to learn to think before you act, and can do that by utilizing your extra energy in public goodwill projects.

The soul is learning how to act in a mature responsible way.

Jupiter in the 10th house: You can develop your career easily, using your personal charm to get ahead, and can get away with a lot more than others. You know how to work hard though, and you usually get ahead quite fast. Career opportunities just fall in your lap, it is up to you to stay truthful and keep your responsibilities.

The soul enjoys the development of a good reputation and strengthens its leadership capabilities.

Saturn in the 10th house: You will probably choose a career in government or any office that serves the public, your image is more important to you than most, so you will be highly defensive about it. You aspire for a perfect home and career, not realizing that there is no such thing. You will work harder for any promotion, but you will get it over time. You must learn to look beyond the words of the law, beyond the image and show some heart when its right.

The soul is looking to open up a path of public service, and add some heart to its attitudes towards image, status, and responsibility.

Uranus in the 10th house: You will have an exceptional career, with many unexpected changes in it. You refuse any job that might be tedious or repetitive and will always choose something interesting over security.  You will pay no respect to any status, and will try and build your image on who you are rather than what you do.

The soul seeks to bring new insights into its take on image, on its role in society, and how to be responsible.

Neptune in the 10th house: You care too much on what others think of you. you will easily give up your standards to get esteem and public love. You have a great charisma, and can deceive and be deceived easily by other people. This is one of the best placements for a career in show business. Make sure to develop a strong sense of I that is not dependent on others affection or lack of it.

The soul would like to blur the lines between the role being played in society, and the individual.

Pluto in the 10th house: You will experience great highs and lows in your career. All in the attempt to develop a strong responsible character that can lead other people, and can take hard right decisions that may not be popular. Your ambition can not be fulfilled, but it will drive you even when others would have given up.

The soul is in process of learning about power through ambition whether good or bad.

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