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My name is Maayan Medzini, I am an astrologer for over 10 years advising people on all aspects of life: career choices, relationship choices, where to live, and when to make changes in any of the above.
This site will focus on the new astrology for 2012 and beyond. I will start off with astrology for career, business, and work in general since these are the questions I face most from my clients, and I have studied extensively this area in Astrology.

Lets start with one sure thing that I have observed over the years: there is a misconception in mass society, that I hope will change in the new astrology for 2012. People keep on looking for a thing called “self actualization” rather than for a job that will pay the bills, and give them a foundation to feel actualized in ALL aspects of their life.
People complain: I feel worn out, I feel frustrated, I don’t get the recognition I deserve, I’m under paid and over worked, I’m bored, I can do more, I want to feel actualized. And the new phrases: “what am I MEANT to do”? what is my PURPOSE in life?

Well, to begin with you are meant, and your purpose in life is to live! No one said that your purpose in life is to make more money than anybody else you know, no one said that you are Meant to have an occupation that will be your life. An occupation is just that, what you do when you work, when you take part in society’s roles. Nothing more.

Using Astrology for 2012 we can take a look at a chart:

We can see that the houses that are related to work are:

2nd House  – What do I have, what are my assets, how I take care of what I have

6th House  – Routine, how I perform all the necessary small details that compose our lives, the mundane tasks

10th House – My aspirations, my titles in society, and the place I hold (or want to hold)


Self actualization in NOT in any of the above, if you want to find it in a birth chart than look for your 5th house, the house of pleasures, when you fulfill your own 5th house you feel satisfied, and it doesn’t matter what your job is.

Some people seem like they have it all – a job they like, a business that does well, and they actually make money from what they like. So what? In the astrology for 2012 you will be able to see the other side of the story:

A hair dresser that worked long hours for many years and now runs a successful salon, is STILL tired, worn out and fatigued at the end of the day. He still deals with annoying customers, and we don’t know if his personal life is where he wants them to be.

A receptionist that worked her way up, and now is a senior executive, she’s also worn out and deals with so much responsibility.

There’s the doctor who studied for years, did his residency, and now have to deal with people that ask him for a miracle rather than taking responsibility for their own lives, there is the actor who works very long hours for a few months and doesn’t know where his next gig will come from.

The point is: to feel actualized is far more (or far less) than having a good job, running a successful business and being famous.

The astrology for 2012 will stress the Wholeness of you: you will feel actualized when you have supporting relationships with the people in your live, when you do have hobbies, friends, a chance to learn what you like, and yes – being able to perform well at work.

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